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Ex Officio Propraetoris Nova Britannia

Activity and Projects

The Province of Nova Britannia was up until recently very quiet. There have been a few new members and it has sparked some activity and we are in the midst of planning some meet-ups. A new project for Provincial t-shirts is being discussed at the moment as well.

The Roman Market Days held in Wells, Maine has been cancelled for the year unfortunately. Hopefully it will be back next year.

The Legio III Cyrenaica has been busy all year round with reenactment events. -

Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis is also makng it's presence known and will atempt to attend Market Days next year.

Provincial List and Website remains to be the list for the province, and is currently being updated along with it's wiki counterpart.

The Yahoo! Group, NovaBritannia( remains our Mailing List.

Our province also has a Myspace listing:

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