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Our many and varied Publications deserve their own task force. I think that we should have a direct link to them from the main page, or some sort of rotation so that the one with the most recent issue gets spotlighted. Agricola 12:55, 3 February 2008 (CET)

Main Page comments

"This site" box

The bottom box now says

"Citizens of Nova Roma can edit this site. Need an account? Any citizen can [create a wiki account]. Problems? Join the mailing list [NRWiki @] and post a message. Visit our [Community Portal] for editing guidelines. Contact the [site administrators] if you have any requests."

I propose to change the text to

"This site is an ongoing project of the citizens of Nova Roma to build a guide to our Republic and to that of ancient Rome." Any citizen can [create a wiki account]. Problems? Join the mailing list [NRWiki @] and post a message. Visit our [Community Portal] for editing guidelines. Contact the [site administrators] if you have any requests.

Comments? Agricola 11:45, 6 February 2008 (CET)

Yes, it's more inviting, you point out the portal, and tell people how to contact youMarca Hortensia Maior

Template:Current Events Shortlist

How to change the text in english here?

Complutensis 08:34, 5 February 2008 (CET)

Template:Current_Events_Shortlist is probably the most complicated template that we have. There are two functions inside it.
"GlobalText" is used to put up just text in many languages. To add Spanish, look for this:
ES= |
Just add the Spanish based on the nearby EN= or any other language that you like.
"Global" is used to make a link. On the Spanish page it will link to the Spanish page if it exists, otherwise it will link to the English page. As we make more and more pages in all lanugages, I will replace these "Global" links with regular ones.
I am sorry that it is so complicated. Here is the benefit. By using just one template, I can use comment tags to turn messages off and on in all languages at once. When I don't need a message, I don't delete it, I just use comment tags to hide it, so I can un-hide it later if I have to. Agricola 09:24, 5 February 2008 (CET)

Translations needed

Support Nova Roma via [PAYPAL]

"Paypal" is the last word and it is an external link. Put your translations in the spaces and I'll upload them all together. Many thanks! Agricola 09:32, 7 February 2008 (CET)

ES= |

DE= |

FR= |

HU=Támogassa Nova Romát:|

IT=Aiuta Nova Roma con|

LA=Reí públicae adestó per|

PT=Ajude Nova Roma usando|

RO=Ajutati Nova Roma via|

Taxes are now due

DE= |

ES= El último día de pago de los impuestos es el último día de Abril. Puedes consultar el importe de los impuestos por provincia antes de remitir tu pago.|

FR= |

HU=Adófizetés kötelező|

LA=Tribútum nunc dandum est|

PT=Impostos estão sendo cobrados|

RO=Taxele pot fii platite|

A new Vox Romana podcast is now available

DE= |

ES= |

FR= |

HU= A legújabb Vox Romana podcast mostantól elérhető!|

IT= Un nuovo podcast della Vox Romana è ora disponibile|

LA= Novum podcast Vóx Rómána nunc audírí potest|

PT= Nova edição do jornal Vox Romana está disponível|

RO= O noua editie Vox Romana este disponibila|

[VI Conventus Novae Romae] will be held in Dacia from July 30th to August 4th this year.

"[VI Conventus Novae Romae]" is the first phrase and is a link to the conventus page.

DE= |

ES= entre finales de Julio y prioncipios de Agosto de este año.|

FR= |

HU= Dacia provinciában: július 30-tól augusztus 4-ig.|

IT= sarà tenuto in Dacia quest'anno tra la fine di luglio e l'inizio di agosto.|

LA= in Daciá ab a.d. III Kal. Sextiles úsque ad pr. Non. Sextiles agétur.|

PT= será este ano, entre o final de julho e começo de agosto, na Provincia Dacia.|

RO= se ve tine in Dacia intre 30 iulie si 4 august|

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