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The WikiMagisters are the operators of this Wiki.

While any registered user can edit most articles, the WikiMagisters have a few extraordinary powers. They can delete articles, block malicious users, and protect pages from editing by non-Magisters. A few of them are also "Bureaucrats", who have the ability to modify user accounts.

To make a general request of the WikiMagisters, place it on the page Nova Roma:Admin Requests. Examples of this would be page protection or unprotection, settling a dispute, or blocking a vandal.

To leave a message for a particular WikiMagister, use the Talk links below.


  1. Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus - (bio | talk | contribs)
  2. Marcus Lucretius Agricola - (bio | talk | contribs)


  1. Quintus Valerius Callidus - (bio | talk | contribs)
  2. Marcus Octavius Germanicus - (bio | talk | contribs)
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