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How do I change my preferences?

If you make these changes, you will see your choices any time that you log in. If you are not logged in the system will use the English defaults.

Change the wiki language

This will change all of the left side links, top links and the edit messages to appear in your chosen language.

  1. Log in to the wiki.
  2. Click the link "My preferences" at the top of any page.
  3. Find the "Language" list on your preferences page. There is a long pull down list of languages. Select your choice.
  4. Click on SAVE

Change how the Search box works

You can search your language by default!

From the Preferences page, click on the "Search" tab. Check all of the namespaces that you want to search. Click SAVE.

Wie ändere ich meine Präferenzen?

¿Cómo cambio mis preferencias?

Comment est-ce que je change mes préférences?

Come cambio le mie preferenze?



Como eu mudo minhas preferências?


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