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In order that articles may be located easily, and there be less likelihood of confusion or duplication, all articles must adhere to the naming conventions described here. If you're not sure how to name your article, please contact a WikiMagister for advice.



Article names begin with a capital letter - this is a requirement of the what=Wiki software.

Roman numerals are used for Years AUC - such as MMDCCLVI

Articles on Non-Nova Roma Topics

We hope to provide a wealth of content here about Roman culture, religion, traditions, history, etc., and about other parts of the ancient world as they relate to Rome. Articles about such topics go into the general namespace - i.e., they have no special prefix or suffix.

Spelling: For Latin words, please do not use the letter 'J' or the 'AE' ligature.

Capitalization: Follow the same rules for capitalizing words that you would use in a book title - that is, capitalize the first letter of everything but the most minor of words (a, an, the, of, in, from...).

Articles about Nova Roma Topics

Articles about persons and events in Nova Roma must have (Nova Roma) at the end of the article name, in order to prevent conflicts with articles about the ancient world, and to clearly mark which articles are about ourselves. Some examples:

Articles about Nova Roma People

A citizen who has held elected or appointed office or a priesthood is eligible for a page in the general namespace, with the article name being that citizen's full Roman name followed by (Nova Roma). This page is not a personal playground for that citizen; rather, it is a public record, editable by all, with Neutral Point of View strictly enforced by the administrators.

The (Nova Roma) suffix rule described above is particularly important for names; we would lose credibility if there was no clear distinction between the names of ancients and moderns. Some of our prominent citizens have names that exactly match that of an ancient person, and it is vital to prevent confusion between them:

Any registered user of the Wiki may also have a personal page in the User: namespace - this is automatically linked to by the WikiMedia software wherever your name appears in edit history, discussions, etc. This personal page is yours to do with as you will - though administrators may still remove content that is clearly abusive, slanderous, etc.

User Pages

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