Marcus Licinius Verres (Nova Roma)

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Marcus Licinius Verres
Album Civium

M. Licinius Verres, eques equo privato of the equestrian order, currently serves the res publica as quaestor.

M. Licinius Verres in the Album Civium


M. Licinius Verres is an architect and designer and lives in Strongsville, in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Provincia Lacus Magni. He is Principle of The Albert J. Veres Design Company with on-going projects both international and domestic.

Licinius has been a citizen of Nova Roma since a.d. VIII Id. Feb. C. Claudio T. Domitio (II) cos. MMDCCLXXI a.u.c., and he immediately became known as the winner of the Ludi Vicennales, the 20th Anniversary Competition of Nova Roma with his architectural design of a modern Roman domus. He also won the Ludi Novi Romani Poetry Contest of Q. Arrio (II) T. Domitio (III) cos. MMDCCLXXIII a.u.c. celebrating the Concordialia.

M. Licinius is a student of Roman cities and architecture. He maintains an interest in the expansion of ancient Roman culture and is a collector of ancient Roman coins and jewelry.

Cursus honorum

C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c.
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