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Originally known as "''vebsitarius maximus''" and later known as "''curator aranei''", the ''magister aranearius'' is the official webmaster of Nova Roma as defined in [[Lex Apula de magistro araneario (Nova Roma)|Lex Apula de magistro araneario]]. Prior to the passage of that law, the webmaster was one of the elected [[vigintisexviri (Nova Roma)|vigintisexviri]]. It is now a [[Senate (Nova Roma)|Senate]] appointment.
Among the responsibilities of the ''magister aranearius'' is assigning citizens to centuries according to the [[Lex Octavia altera de comitiis centuriatis (Nova Roma)|Lex Octavia altera de comitiis centuriatis]].
==Edicts of the ''magister aranearius''==
==List of ''magistri aranearii'' of Nova Roma==
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