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About the Contest

Salvete omnes,

This year's Ludi Romani will feature a gladiatorial series.



Optime valete,



A) Send your entries to: NO LATER THAN Wednesday, September 10th.


Please forward the following information on your entry:

Entry Information:

A. Your name in Nova Roma;

B. The name of your Gladiator;

C. The type of your Gladiator;

D. Your tactics for the Quarter and Semifinals;

E. Your tactics for the Finals;

F. The name of your "factio" or team :

Albata - The Whites
Praesina - The Greens
Russata - The Reds
Veneta - The Blues

Gladiator Types:

1. RETIARIUS: His weapon is the net, the trident and a dagger. His defenses are a protection of arm (manica), that includes the shoulder.

2. HOPLOMACHUS: His weapons are a lance and a dagger. His defenses are a closed crest hull, circular small shield and metallic shin pads. His defenses are protection of right arm and he can take a pectoral plate.

3. MURMILLO: His weapon is a short sword (gladius). His defenses are a closed great crest hull, rectangular big shield (scutum), protection in right arm and shin pad in left leg.

4. THRAEX: His weapon is a curved sword (sicca). His defenses are a closed hull, the crest of the hull has the shape of faucet, a quadrangular small shield (parmula), long metallic shin pads up to the thigh and protection in right arm.

5. SECUTOR: His weapon is a short sword (gladius). His defenses are closed smooth hull, rectangular big shield (scutum), protection in right arm and legs. Normally fight only against retiarii.

6. DIMACHAERUS: His weapons are two curved swords (siccae). His defenses are protections in arms and legs.


1."Defensive" tactics. It adds one point, but the gladiator or animal has 40 % of probabilities of surviving in case of defeat, because the public does not like these tactics.

2."Yourself" tactics. It neither adds nor take points. 50 % of probabilities of which the public asks for the death in case of defeat.

3."Total attack" tactics. It reduced one point, but the gladiator or animal has 65 % of probabilities of surviving in case of defeat, because the public likes these tactics.


There were not enough entries.


Live Pre-Match Coverage

Salvete omnes!

This is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus, reporting to you live from the Colosseum, where we are about to watch the Semi-Finals of the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c.!

Today’s events will feature two superb matches and some of the finest gladiators to feel the sand under their feet. We hope we can get these events underway and beat the weather. We are expecting rain around the 11th hour this morning, but the crowd doesn’t seem to be complaining too much.

Vendors are out with their carts everywhere all around the Colosseum, which is filling up fast for today’s matches. Let’s speak with one of them now.

Hello, could I have your name please!

Sure, it’s Lentulus.

So, Lentulus what are you offering the masses today?

Bubblehead dolls.

Don’t you mean “bobblehead” dolls.


I’m selling the latest fad—Bubblehead dolls. It’s a figurine of the Senior Consul with a bubblehead.

Um, that’s bobble head, you mean.

Whatever...I’m a bit slow...that’s what my name means...Lentulus...a bit slow.

Okay! So, good luck with your cart sales.

Uh, don’t you want to buy one?

Well, we have to keep moving through the crowds, so I may come back.

I might not be here when you come back.’s 5 denarii, give me the bobblehead, and—

That’s bubblehead.

Okay...give me the bubblehead so I can just go...


Okay, so he we are, with a unique souvenir of the day, and we will be going inside to the press are for future coverage of the games. And now, a word from our sponsors.

Today’s Gladiatoria is brought to you in part by the Aventine Butchers’ Guild. Located in the Forum Boarium, we offer meat you cannot beat—the best beef, goat and veal one could ask for. For your next sacrifice and epulum, see one of our many selections. Of course, the Butchers’ Guild of the Aventine offers only the highest quality of meat for your religious and dietary needs.

Hello, this is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus, returning to you live inside the Colosseum with the details of today’s Semi-Finals matches.

In the first match we have, from the Ludus Albatus, Verus the Murmillo, owned by Gaius Decius Laterensis. What do we know about him? He is a fierce contender and usually plays it cool until the end of the match. Very level headed and calculating guy. His opponent, Galenus the Hoplomachus, owned by Sexta Laelia Macra and representing the Ludus Praesinus. He is perfectly matched with Verus, so we should see a good show of skill here today.

Looking now at Match II, we find the first gladiator to be Caesarion the Retiarius, also owned by Sexta Laelia Macra and, of course, representing Praesina. He is matched with Pinarius the Murmillo, owned by the domus of Marcus Cornelius Rutilus and is representing Russata today. This should prove to be an interesting match as well. Caesarion is a berserker in the arena. He has worked his way to the Roman stadium completely by being a totally offensive combatant. One might think this advantageous, but his opponent, Pinarius, has also battled ring after ring to Rome, building his reputation on a somewhat defensive position in the arena.

Opening Ceremony

Wait...I’m getting word that the opening ceremonies are about to begin, as copies of the libellus are being distributed en masse to the spectators...

Now coming into the arena is the pompa. Twelve Lictors are leading the Consuls and their delegations in...

Next, we see a small band of tubicens playing a fanfare, written by Ti. Vitellius Triarius, called the Roman Fanfare...Those guys must have been up all night polishing those tubicens by the shine they are giving off on this cloudy day....

Next we see the Flamen Furrinalis, M. Titinius Silvanus, who will be performing the opening sacrifice and prayer to Furrina, the goddess honored on this particular day of the games, as well as others carrying images of the gods to “witness” the proceedings...

Next we see Ti. Cassius Atellus, scriba to the Aedilis curulis, who will be recording the proceedings of the games, folloed by L. Ulpius Atellus, also on the Aedilis curulis staff, carrying palm branches, which will be used to honor the victors.

Here comes the Aedilis curulis and Editor of the games, L. Vitellius Triarius, with Officers of Legio II Adiutrix, carrying the weapons and armour to be used in today’s matches...

Now comes a troupe of dancers and musicians from the Velian Guild of Musicians showing off their stuff to the crowd...

We can see the gladiator coming in now! The crowd is in a complete uproar! The Venetans are throwing muslum on the Praesina fans and the pre-game fights are breaking out...

Well, the legionnaires of II Adiutrix are moving in to quell the disruptions, and it looks like people are beginning to settle down. Looks like a couple of fans are being ejected from the stadium...

The Flamen Furrinalis has just completed his duty and the Aedilis curulis is now announcing the first match.



Aedilis Vitellius rises, and the gladiators take their place in the center of the arena. They salute, the Aedilis signals for them to start, and the match begins...

Verus the Murmillo is dressed in the crested helmet, bearing the mormylos, or sea fish, wearing an arm guard that proved he has been in the heat before. He is also wearing an manica, or arm guard, a loincloth and belt, a gaiter on his right leg, thick wrappings covering the tops of his feet, and a very short greave with an indentation for the padding at the top of the feet. He is one heavily armoured gladiator.

Galenus sways back and forth, avoiding the gladius teasing of Verus. He is wearing quilted, trouser-like leg wrappings, loincloth, a belt, a pair of long shin-guards or greaves, a manica on the sword-arm, and a brimmed helmet that is adorned with a plume of feathers on top and a single feather on each side. He also is equipped with a sheathed gladius and a very small, round shield. He carried a spear, which he will have to cast before closing for hand-to-hand combat.

Both are moving around the circle jabbing at each other, attempting to provoke the other into doing something that will give them an advantage early on. OH! Verus has just whacked the Hoplomachus’ spear tip off with his gladius! Galenus throws the spear shaft at Verus and draws his gladius!

The two engage in several short lived melees, and Verus makes a strike “for points” on Galenus, who responds with a slash to the left side of the head. It glances off. Both have now pulled back to reassess the situation and get their breath, and both have laid down their shields...this is man-to-man now!

Now they are engaging again. It’s sword play at it’s best. Both land some good hits, but Galenus is bleeding on the right leg. Doesn’t look like anything serious, but hey, that’s gladiator serious, I mean.

Now they have backed off again. Galenus, wiping the sand and grit from his eyes. LOOK! Verus notices the temporary distraction and moves in for the winning attack! OHHHH! Galenus trips him and moves in for the kill! Verus is flat on his stomach with Galenus’ gladius at the back of his neck! The crowd goes wild! Galenus raises his left arm in a fist! The crowd gives him what he wants! OHHH! Verus has just rolled over, caught Galenus in his moment, leg-locked him and nor Galenus is on the ground at the mercy of Verus’ gladius. What an amatuer moment! But, Galenus, like many other gladiators has just suffered the fate of many others...being overwhelmed and taken by the awe of the crowd and attention!

Verus, with gladius point at Galenus’ throat gets the signal from Aedilis Vitellius to spare the life of this young gladiator. What a soft heart from the veteran of the Legiones. But hey, these guys cost money, you know!

The match is over and Verus is the Victor! He is presented a palm branch and is attended to by the medics. Albata will be partying tonight...there is no question about that!

As the scribe records the final details and the statistics of the match, the arena floor is cleaned and prepared for the next match.



As the crowd takes their seats, the opponents for the next match are brought out. The iron gates open and Caesarion the Retiarius comes forth to the delight of the crowd! He is carrying the traditional trident, dagger and net. True to form, he is wearing the extended manica and without the protection of a helmet. With a face like that, he needs a full face guard! Scary! He is carrying a dagger, but not the standard pugio. He is carrying the Dacian dagger, which has a square guard with four blades. You don’t see that very often. He is used to fighting two Secutores at one time from the pons. There is no pile of stones to throw today!

His opponent, the Murmillo, is dressed accordingly, however, he is carrying the traditional scutum of a legionnaire, but it looks a bit large for him...not too large, but again, he may be able to handle it well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The gladiators take their places, salute the Aedilis, the signal is given and the match begins...

LOOK NOW! Caesarion has launched and immediate trident attack on the Murmillo, who is fending of the stabs quickly and professionally with his scutum. Guess we got our answer on the shield is N-O-T a problem for this contestant. Aesarion is wielding the trident in his right hand and the dagger in his left like nobody’s business. He is in a rage and so is the crowd! They have all come to their feet on this one!

Pinarius continues to defend, waiting for an opportunity. HE TAKES IT and makes a deep slash on the left leg of Caesarion! Points on that one! Both gladiators have pulled back to regroup and rethink the next step. CAESARION RUSHES! He’s not thinking about anything but netting Pinarius! He has dropped the dagger in favor of the net, which he flings in a perfect from, but misses the Murmillo by inches.

Pinarius charges and pommels Caesarion to the ground with the scutum. That one had to hurt. Caesarion recovers and narrowly misses the Murmillo with his trident. Pinarius charges again with extended gladius at the side of the scutum, but the Retiarius uses the net like a whip ! it catches the gladius point and he spins Pinarius around sideways. He takes two steps, stumbles and falls! Caesarion goes for the kill, landing the trident into the shield with the force of a bull attack. The trident sticks in and won’t come out. Now the shield and the trident are abandoned. It is now down to dagger and net versus gladius...

Pinarius jabs the gladus repeatedly at Caesarion, who is swinging the Dacian dagger in a random pattern at the Murmillo. The Retarius throws the net, but the Murmillo defends effectively. He throws again, but the defensive nature of Pinarius shows he has the experience to battle this one! The throws the net again, this time catching on the gladius blade. He yanks the net, but the firm had of Pinarius holds fast and several sections of the net are sliced through!

They both back off, this time Pinarius is fully aware of this opponent’s position and keeps a watchful eye on the Retiarius. After a brief moment, Caesarion charges the Murmillo. OH MAN ALIVE! Pinarius just picked up the discarded scutum and slings it at the Retarius, making a sound connection with him dead on the torso!

The Retiarius is stunned momentariy, which allows the Murmillo to attack! But, with a watchful eye, Caesarion has anticipated the attack, and throws the Dacian dagger at the Murmillo. It sticks in his right arm...his sword arm! He drops the gladius, the net is flung and the Retiarius kicks Pinarius in the side of his helmet and knocks him out cold!

The crowd jumps to their feet and the fans go wild! The medics are on the arena floor tending to Pinarius, while the security detachment from II Adiutrix has their hands full keeping the fans in the stands! Everyone is trying to rush the legionnaires to get to Caesarion, but he is whisked away momentarily for safety.

The crowds are being pushed back into the stands and we await some sense of order in this Colosseum right now...

Let’s take a break and hear a word from our sponsors...

This Munera Gladiatoria is brought to you in part by the Bakers’ Guild of the Aventine. The Bakers’ Guild uses only the finest wheat and rye from the fields of Egypt and around the Respublica. You can be assurd that when you buy Aventine bread, it is fresh, pay a fair price...and pay no more!

We are back, live at the Colosseum, where moments ago, the crowd attempted to have a munera of their own, but the skill and expertise of the legionnaires of II Adiutrix, our sponsored legio today, has quelled the rioting. Caesarion, the Retiarius from Ludus Praesinus, has just been returned to the sand to receive his victory palm from the Aedilis curulis. These are bittersweet times for Praesina, as they have lost one match and won one match today. Russata fans are angered over the “show off” antics of their opponent’s factio and are vowing retribution! Looks like a normal day here in the Colosseum. A little Falernian and these people will be fine!

End of Match Coverage

Let’s recap today’s matches:

In Match I, Albata wins, and Verus goes on to tomorrow’s finals match.

In Match II, Caesarion wins, and Praesina goes on to attempt a win tomorrow.

It should be an interesting line up tomorrow!

Well, this is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus signing off until tomorrow! We’ll see you again in 24 hours on the sand for the Finals of the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c.!


Is the mic off?

Is it off?

Okay, give me a piece of that Aventine bread and some olives.... Hey, thanks...Yeah, that’s perfect...Aw man, this bread is moldy....why can’t these guys just....


Salvete omnes!

This is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus, reporting to you live from the Colosseum, where we are about to watch the Finals of the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c.!

Today’s events will feature the victors of yesterday’s Semi-Finals Matches:

Representing Factio Praesina from the Ludus Praesinus is Caesarion the Retiarius – one wild beast on the sand!

His opponent, representing Factio Albata and the Ludus Albatus, we present again Verus the Murmillo – a calculating and precise implement of destruction!

Both competitors are recovering from injuries received in yesterday’s matches, but they are tough—as tough as armored ballistae!

The crowds are here for this afternoon’s event, and they have come out from every corner of the city for this one! No one is staying home today! They are all attempting to beat the heat, but the sunshine is beautiful...absolutely beautiful!

There is a certain air of victory in the can just smell it!

We are coming to you live from the Colosseum, here in the Eternal City and in just moments, according to the labellum, or program for you celts, we are about to start this exhibition of ruthlessness and skill.

And now, a word from our sponsors...

Today’s Finals Exhibition is brought to you in part by the Palace Realty of the Palatine. Need a new home that fits your style? We have refurbished estates that were recently obtained by the tax collectors for non-payment of fines to the magistrates. We offer a selection of extraordinary homes, fit for a Consul! Of course, Palace Realty offers only the highest quality of residences for those with the correct political favor.

Hello, this is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus, returning to you live inside the Colosseum with live coverage of today’s Finals match of the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c.

Wait...I’m getting word that the opening ceremonies are about to begin, YES, here they come now onto the sand!

The pompa is now entering the arena. Twelve Lictors are leading the Consuls, Sta. Cornelia and C. Aemilius, and their official delegations that bobblehead we purchased yesterday really bears a striking resemblance to the Senior Consul. I really should have bought more than one, as these things are really likely to become collector’s items!

Next, we see the tubicen band playing a military styled fanfare. I’m not sure, but I think that is a new one...

Next we see the Pontifex, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, who will be performing the opening sacrifice and prayer prior to the commencement of the games. He is also attended by a group of cultores, carrying images of the gods to “witness” the proceedings of today’s games...

Next we see L. Ulpius Atellus, scriba to the Aedilis curulis, who will be recording the proceedings of the games today, followed by Ti. Cassius Atellus, also on the Aedilis curulis staff, carrying the victory palm, as well as what we believe to be a very small chest, no doubt carrying coinage of the Respublica to be awarded as a monetary prize to the victor. Those guys don’t get much, but every little bit helps them to buy their they say!

Next come the members of Legio XXI Rapax, from Pannonia, carrying the weapons and armour to be used in today’s matches. XXI Rapax is the honored legio today...

Now comes a troupe of dancers and musicians from the Ostian Guild of Flautists and Harpists. They made it in town earlier this morning...

We can see the gladiator coming in now! The crowd is in a rage, ready for action! The Russata fans are here to cheer for the Albatans! How strange...but, anything to revenge the embarrassment with Praesina yesterday! The Reds are waving white flags and yelling down with the Grass-Cutters!

Pontifex Lentulus has just completed the opening ritual and the Aedilis curulis is now announcing the first match....Amazing how Pontifex Lentulus in no way resembles that Lentulus guy know, the one with the bubbleheads...I mean, bobblehead figurines...Anyway, let’s listen.

Aedilis Vitellius rises, and the gladiators take their place in the center of the arena. The Aedilis introduces them to the crowd, which erupts in magnanimous joy. The Aedilis curulis signals for them to start, and the match begins...

Verus the Murmillo and Caesarion the Retiarius waste no time. Both immediately charge each other, and the melee is ON!

Caesarion is working that trident as hard as he can, but the Murmillo defends each blow with the skill of a profession fighter.

Caesarion goes for a net throw early on, but Verus reflects it with his scutum...

Now, Verus attempts a deadly thrust onto Caesarion, but it misses as well. Both are screaming at each other, but we cannot make out what they are saying. It looks like they are both trying to verbally assault each other into submission. VERUS ATTACKS! He has cut one of the straps of Caesarion’s manica. This could prove to be a problem...

Caesarion, no amateur, makes his way around the arena, fending off the attacks of the Murmillo and keeping his armoured arm back out of harm’s way. VERUS ATTACKS AGAIN! This time, with no luck. The gladius is deflected by the Retiarius’ trident.

OH MAN! Caesarion throws the net and Verus is entangled, but he rotates and continues to deflect Caesarion’s trident with his scutum. Verus is working the net off...and...he gets free from the Retiarius’ web of danger.

Caesarion bends dwn to get the net and...OHHH...He launches it again at the Murmillo like a whip. It does not good. Verus is still well in the game.

Verus is now moving in a circular pattern studying his opponent. He moves slowly, anticipating the moves of the Retiarius....

BAM! He charges hard at the Retiarius and tags him with the scutum, but he does not inflict any damage.

Caesarion stops moving and makes a “Come and take it!” motion at Verus. Verus accepts the challenge and Caesarion meets him mid-way and they clash! Caesarion has the Dacian dagger and is working it hard against Verus. Verus receives several stabs from the Retiarius’ dagger...he is bleeding, but it does not seem to be affecting his performance today. OHHHH! VERUS CONNECTS! THE RETIARUS HAS BEEN HIT WITH VERUS’ GLADIUS IN THE SIDE!

Caesarion backs away to safety. Both are losing blood, but this doesn’t top the match. Verus charges again and the two clash! CAESARION TRIPS HIM WITH THE TRIDENT! VERUS FALLS! Caesarion launches the net and Verus is entangled! He’s working frantically to get free! Caesarion goes for the win with the dagger, but Verus leg sweeps him and Caesarion falls to the ground!

Verus has no rolled on top of Caesarion and is attempting to transfer the net to his opponent!

Caesarion grabs a hand full of sand and throws it in Verus’ face. Verus disengages and backs off, just long enough for Caesarion to get out of the net and recover himself.

Verus goes for his gladius and scutum, but Caesarion launches the net and trips him! Verus is down again! Caesarion runs like a wild man and throws the trident! It misses! Verus is working his way out of the net! He gets loose, grabs the trident and throws it at Caesarion! It misses! Caesarion charges the Murmillo and kicks him in the side, rolling him like a ball! Verus recovers and, just as he is getting up, Caesarion tackles him. They are in an old-fashioned street fight right here in the sand! The crowd is up and going wild! Verus breaks loose and moves back, recovering his gladius! Caesarion reaches for his trident! He throws the trident in a swift and calculated move toward his opponent. The trident flows like a summer breeze straight at Verus’ chest! BUT WAIT! Verus, in a move so quick that we almost missed it, brings the gladius up and the tines hit the blade of Verus’ Gladius and the trident falls to the ground!

In one single motion, Verus deflects the trident and then throws the gladius at Caesarion! The gladius hits Caesarion with unbridled force and wounds him in the chest. The blade has not stuck, but from the sound of the pommel strike, Caesarion has a cracked rib or two. HE’S DOWN-CAESARION IS DOWN!

Verus runs over, picks up the gladius, and places it at the base of Caesarion’s neck! IT’S OVER! It...LOOKS LIKE VERUS HAS WON! OHHHH! Leg sweep by Caesarion and now they are both on the ground, wrestling for victory! They are fighting each other for the gladius! Caesarion wrestles it from Verus and places him in a headlock! The old Sleeper hold! Veru is fighting to get loose, but Caesarion is not giving in!

Verus is dazed and Caesarion puts him down! VERUS IS DOWN! Caesarion gets up, grabs his trident, anticipates the recovery...BUT IT DOESN’T HAPPEN! VERUS IS DOWN FOR GOOD! HE’S LOST TOO MUCH BLOOD TO FIGHT ANY LONGER! CAESARION IS HOLDING THE TRIDENT TO HIS BACK! THE CROWD HAS CHOSEN!



The medics are now moving into the arena to attend to Verus. Caesarion moves to accept his victory palm...but wait...there seems to be some confusion and arguing amongst the Lanistae. The Aedilis is conversing with them and shaking his head no. We will just have to see what the problem is.


Okay, it appears that the Albatus Lanista felt the match was over when Verus had Caesarion on the ground. The Praesina Lanista argued the opposite. The Aedilis confers with the posh and fashionable Senator Fabius, an expert in the gladiatorial field. The Aedilis breaks away and briefly says something to the Lanistae. Aedilis Vitellius has made the final decision and it is...CAESARION!

Aedilis Vitellius presents the gladiator with his spoils of victory and...oH NO!...The Russata fans are making a scene in the stands! They are picking fights with Praesina! Lovely! Here we go again!

Well, Everyone, That’s it! That’s the finals of the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Romani 2767 a.u.c.!

Preasina wins it under the strength, skill and dexterity of


Owned by the domus of Sexta Laelia Macra! There will be celebrations of GREEN all night here in the Eternal City!

This is Lucius Aemilius Flaccus signing off and saying, “We’ll see you the next time here in the Colosseum!”

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