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Certamen Historicum de Legione XXI Rapace


Welcome to the Ludi Romani, and to our quiz!

As part of our ludi Romani, this year we commemorate the 1920th anniversary of the destruction of the legio XXI Rapax, one of the oldest and most famous Roman legions which is also important for us, Nova Romans, because we have a long established and very active reenactment unit of the legio XXI Rapax in Nova Roma. We, Nova Romans, seek to bring back the memory of the golden times of the ancient world, but where our ancestors spread their civilization through the sword and the legions, we intend the same result through education, the spread of knowledge and through giving virtuous example. Although this is true, we would like to honor the Manes of those soldiers of Rome who fought for their country, for their legion and for their fellow citizens. 1920 years ago, many good Romans died for the idea what is now called Eternal Rome, and what we represent here in Nova Roma. We dedicate these games to the Manes of those brave soldiers of the legio XXI Rapax, and to the divine Genius of the legio XXI Rapax. We are grateful to the legio XXI Rapax not only because of their dedication and braveness, but also because they inspire reenactors all over the world, and reenactment legions, like that of the Nova Roman legio XXI Rapax, attract several people today who become our citizens tomorrow - which is very similar how it worked in ancient Rome where the legion was often a gate to Roman citizenship.


Participate in the Certamen Historicum de Legione XXI Rapace, and honor the memory of the brave soldiers of Rome who died 1920 years ago, in the Rapax!


1. Questions are posted daily, one question per one day. There will be 7 questions in total.

2. There are points for correctness and points for quickness of answers.

3. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. An extra point may be awarded for an especially detailed and excellent answer. Half point may be given for an incomplete but otherwise correct answer.

4. For each question, the contestant who is first to answer that question, regardless to its correctness, gets 3 points for quickness. The second prerson to answer the question gets 2 points, the third person gets 1 point.

5. In case of a tie between the contestants, the winner is whose points of correctness are the higher. If these are tie, too, points for quickness must be compared. If it's a tie again, the jury will decide upon examination and comparison of the quality of their answers.

6. Answers are to be sent to this e-mail address before the official publishing of the correct answers on the mailing lists of Nova Roma.

Questions and Answers

Day 1 (September 9th)

Question #1. What is the earliest coin that Legio XXI Rapax is depicted on?

  • Answer #1. Mark Antony legionary denarius dated 32-31 BC

Day 2 (September 10th)

Question #2. In AD 92, name the 3 tribes who destroyed the XXIst legion.

  • Answer #2. Marcomanni, Quadi and Roxolani

Day 3 (September 11th)

Question #3. Between which years is the complete disbandment of Legio XXI Rapax considered to have taken place, and under whose reign?

  • Answer #3. Between AD 98 and 106, under Trajan.

Day 4 (September 12th)

Question #4. In whose reign was Legio XXI Rapax stationed in Argentoratum?

  • Answer #4. Nero

Day 5 (September 13th)

Question #5. What was the name of the legate of the Legio XXI Rapax in AD 47?

  • Answer #5. Marcus Licinius Senecio

Day 6 (September 14th)

Question #6. Under whose governorship did Legio XIV Gemina & Legio XXI Rapax revolt against Domitian?

  • Answer #6. Lucius Antonius Saturninus

Day 7 (September 15th)

Question #7.Our last question contains two parts. Firstly, the Legio XXI Rapax was the most important element in the army of which of Vitellius' generals in the campaign of AD69 against Otho? And the second part of this last question brings us to our modern era, and concerns the revival of Legio XXI Rapax as a reenactment legion. In which province of Nova Roma has been established the Legio XXI Rapax reenactment group of Nova Roma?

  • Answer #7. (1) Aulus Caecina Alienus, (2) Provincia Pannonia of Nova Roma

Final Results

The scores and final positions are:

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