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Festivities are in full flight and open to all Nova Roma citizens and guests.
To see the live posts and see how to enter, read the posts and announcements in our Mailing Forum or see them in our Facebook Group.

Classics Through The Ages Quiz

Ludi Novi Romani - Classics through the ages.jpg

Hosted by A. Iulius Paterculus, aedilis curulis

Everyone is invited to participate in a five part quiz on Classical influences from the Middle Ages through the 20th century A.D. Please send your responses in English to the email address "arthur.f.waite (at)", including the words "CLASSICS THROUGH THE AGES" in the subject line. The deadline for all responses will be 6:00 A.M. Rome Time on Monday, March 15th. Details, questions, rules and everything is here, click on the link:


Ispe Dixit Quiz

Ipse Dixit Quiz.jpg

Hosted by P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus, aedilis curulis

Aedilis P. Annaeus hereby bids you my warmest welcome to this special LUDI NOVI ROMANI 2774 a.U.c. edition of the longest-running Latin cultural quiz in the history of Nova Roma... IPSE DIXIT!!! As the title says, this quiz is based on Latin quotations. Both well known and little known, both classical and nearer to us. Each quiz item contains a variable number of questions with variable scores. You can access all quiz questions for these ludi in one single post here:


Ludi Circenses: Virtual Chariot Race

Ludi Circenses.jpg

Hosted by P. Annaeus Constantinus Placidus, aedilis curulis

Subscribe your virtual chariots in the Virtual Chariot Race, which shall be held in one or more rounds (depending on the number of entries) at the end of these Ludi Novi Romani. You are all invited to send the following data to aedilis Annaeus: (details in the forums, see above).

NO MORE ENTRIES ARE ACCEPTED. All positions taken.


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