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A Summary of the Quarterfinals

Munera Gladiatoria for Ludi Novi Romani MMDCCLXIV

Salvete omnes! This is Marcus Pompeius Caninus with the results of the quarterfinals from the Flavian Amphitheater for the Munera Gladiatoria of the Ludi Novi Romani for 2764!

It has been another fine day with plenty of sunshine and the promise of a beautiful spring season ahead. The amphitheater was nearly full and the crowd was passionate and enthusiastic. I spotted a number of red banners proudly waving even though the gladiators of the Ludus Russatus were eliminated during yesterday's contests.

The first three matches of the day were quickly over as the match ups proved to be very lopsided. Sura defeated Pricus while hardly breaking a sweat. There was a distinct sense of disappointment in the air from the many young women who were hoping Pricus would win this tournament. Then Llacheu came out flashing some dazzling double sword magic against Tinashe, earning the loudest and longest cheers and applause of the day from the spectators when he won the fight. After his match I noticed four different vendors approached Llancheu, most likely to discuss product endorsement deals. Then Drest and Bjarni faced off in what may have been the most mismatched pairing of the tournament. Bjarni lost after less than two minutes of combat when Drest successfully took advantage of several weaknesses in Bjarni's all out assault.

The last match of the quarterfinals pitted Aello the Amazon, a female Retiarius, against Attalus the Briton, a Secutor. After yesterday's action, it seemed most of the fans expected Attalus to launch a charge right away. But Attalus was cautious and determined. Rumors circulated in the arena and the press boxes as many fans noticed Attalus exhibited a bit of a droop in his shield position that seemed to be out of character. While not yet confirmed from his lanista or publicist, there was speculation he was hurt when he hit Suffocatrix with his second charge in yesterday's final fight. This afternoon's match up between Attalus and Aello was the most tightly contested and balanced fight of the day. For more than 15 minutes Aello proved to be a formidable fighter, pressing in on Attalus numerous times with accuracy and great strength. In the end, the speed and stamina of Attalus proved superior to the height and native skill of Aello. The match ended when Aello lunged with her trident and stumbled as Attalus dodged her thrust, spun around and struck Aello in the back with his shield. Aello fell to the ground and Attalus found her neck with his sword. Fortunately, her most serious injury was to her pride but I am confident we have not seen the last of Aello!

Match Competitors Winner Ludus
1 Sura vs. Pricus Sura Albatus
2 Llacheu vs. Tinashe Llacheu Venetus
3 Drest vs. Bjarni Drest Praesinus
4 Attalus the Briton vs. Aello the Amazon Attalus Municius

At the end of the quarterfinals, Albatus, Municius, Praesinus and Venetus each had a gladiator moving on to the semifinals in two days. In a show of great respect and honor, the gladiators who lost their quarterfinal matches asked to complete their consolation round immediately to give all of the competitors a day off for what promises to be a spectacular celebration of Neptunus and the Sea tomorrow. After two rounds of fighting, the Fates played out their hands for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place gladiators.

Well, that does it for our coverage of the quarterfinals. This is Marcus Pompeius Caninus bidding you a good day from the Flavian Amphitheatre and we will see you here again on Sunday for the Munera Gladiatoria Semifinals!

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

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