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A chorus of young Nova Roman citizens performing the Carmen Decennale "Rome To New Rome" by P. Ullerius Stephanus Venator, a poem written for celebrating the ten years of Nova Roma

NEW!!! Concordialia MMDCCLXI Video

Enjoy the video made about last year's 10th Anniversary Concordialia here:

The video is made about the official 10th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Nova Roma, the 10th birthday of Nova Roma, held on the Kalends of March, 2761 AUC, during the consulship of M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus and T. Iulius Sabinus, organized by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus and Pannonian citizens of Nova Roma.

You can also hear the reading of the Latin variant of the Declaration of Nova Roma, our founding document, with subtitles, captured on the same day, recorded by Cn. Lentulus.


Opening of the Ludi Novi Romani

Cn. Iulius Caesar aedilis curulis, omnibus Quiritibus sal.

Today is the first day of the eleven day celebration of Nova Roma's existence. Our res publica has had at times a turbulent past and it means many different things to each citizen. Given the various stresses and strains on such a relatively young structure people could be forgiven for marveling at the fact that Nova Roma still exists, but I happen to believe that it will endure for many a year to come, and whilst it might not always reflect what we imagined when we first assumed our citizenship, it still lives. Each day that the res publica endures is another day that we can move it forward towards our own individual perception of its ideal state, but that requires participation in the life of Nova Roma. I hope that this year will see an increase in the involvement of all of our citizens in the life and activities of Nova Roma, recognizing that only through such participation and engagement will those original hopes and expectations, which usually are far more idealistic than those we hold a few years into citizenship, be achieved.

In recognition of that eleven year milestone as aedilis curulis I declare the opening of the Ludi Novi Romani. Each day for the next eleven days I will post two questions that relate to the history of Nova Roma. To that end I invite you all to participate in this quiz.

Curate, ut valeatis optime!

Cn. Iulius Caesar
aedilis curulis

Nova Roman History Quiz

Welcome to the Ludi Novi Romani, and to our quiz!

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of the founding of Nova Roma, the quiz this time is about our own Nova Roma history.

This is a great opportunity to see how much we can remember, or, for newer citizens, to help you learn about what has happened in our Republic. So please take part, join in the fun, and let's see how much we know, or can find out, about our own past.

There are two questions each day of 11 days representing the 11 years of the existence of the Republic. One mark will be given for each correct answer.


1. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. An extra point may be awarded for an especially detailed and excellent answer.

2. Answers are to be sent to this e-mail address before 6.00 am MT (GMT -7hrs / CET -8hrs) the day following the posting of the questions.

3. The decision of the aedilis is final in interpreting what is and what isn't a correct answer.

The answers should all be found in and around the Nova Roma web pages (old and new) and mailing list archives.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Questions and Answers

Day 1 (March 1st)

Question #1. Name those citizens who were elected consul of Nova Roma more than once.

  • Answer #1. Fl. Vedius Germanicus, M. Cassius Iulianus and L. Cornelius Sulla Felix, they were elected twice.

Question #2. How many senators were in the original senate at the foundation of Nova Roma, and who were they?

  • Answer #2. The original senate had four members, Fl. Vedius Germanicus, M. Cassius Iulianus, Q. Caecilius Metellus and Decius Iunius Palladius Invictus.

Day 2 (March 2nd)

Question #3. Who is M. Antonius Gryllus Graecus?

  • Answer #3. Former praetor, pontifex, governor and senator, recently reappointed as pontifex.

Question #4. Why was Fl. Vedius Germanicus appointed dictator of Nova Roma in 2752 AUC?

  • Answer #4. Because of the so called "Civil War".

Day 3 (March 3rd)

Question #5. Which individual enacted the largest number of laws in the history of Nova Roma?

  • Answer #5. Fl. Vedius Germanicus

Question #6. What's the Carmen Decennale of Nova Roma? Who wrote it and what's its English title?

  • Answer #6. A poem celebrating the ten years of Nova Roma, written by P. Ullerius Stephanus Venator, English title is "Rome To New Rome".

Day 4 (March 4th)

Question #7. Who was the first governor of Nova Roman Italia?

  • Answer #7. Primus Fabius Cunctator

Question #8. When was abolished the title "province" from the name of Nova Roman Italia, and in what legal document?

  • Answer #8. On Jan. 31st 2007, in the Senatusconsultum "De Italia".

Day 5 (March 5th)

Question #9. What were the original FULL names of A. Tullia Scholastica and M. Hortensia Maior?

  • Answer #9. "Flavia Tullia Valeria Scholastica" and "Spuria Fabia Vera Fausta"

Question #10. What was the so called "Gens Reform" in Nova Roma that resulted in significant changes?

  • Answer #10. The lex Equitia de gentibus abolished the power of a single pater familias over the whole gens of people who shared the same nomen gentile and created the system of independent households (domus and familia) of people of the same nomen and cognomen combination.

Day 6 (March 6th)

Question #11. Who was serving the longest time as governor of a Nova Roman province? Who was the shortest time serving ever provincial governor?

  • Answer #11. Q. Fabius Maximus of California served the longest period, six years, from 11/03/2001 to 01/02/2007. L. Minicius Sceptius of Hispania served only 2 days, from 31 January to 2 February in 2007.

Question #12. How many oppida are there in Nova Roma and what are their names?

  • Answer #12. Five: Roma, Complutum, Bucurestium, Fluminis Gilae and Laureatum.

Day 7 (March 7th)

Question #13. What was the function of the "curator sermonis", an office in the early history of Nova Roma?

  • Answer #13. The curator sermonis was a the official moderator of the Nova Roman state-sponsored mailing lists until the Lex Octavia de sermone abolished his office, and the praetores were given the powers and duties of moderators for all public fora sponsored or owned by the central government of Nova Roma.

Question #14. Nova Roma is a republic, but also has an external corporate structure. What positions within the republic also automatically serve as the corporate secretaries of Nova Roma, Inc?

  • Answer #14. The censors.

Day 8 (March 8th)

Question #15. What is the inscription on the second issue of the Nova Roman sestertii? What does it mean?

  • Answer #15. "Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos." During the consulship of Fr. Apulus and C. Laenas.

Question #16. What does the consul of the Nova Roman people ask from Iuppiter in the opening sacrifice of the first senate session of each year, on 1st January?

  • Answer #16. In the Annua Sacra the consuls ask Iuppiter to guard, preserve, and protect the republic, the people and the consuls, to grant to the Senate wisdom and providence to advise well, to grant peace and steadfast concord for the republic, to lead the senators that they may spread the benefits of Romanitas yet further, to guide the senators in their deliberations and take them into holy embrace, to unite the senators in a common purpose, and increase the dignity of the Senate with victorious success.

Day 9 (March 9th)

Question #17. In 2003, there was a modification in our corporate papers reflecting to changes in our voting system in the respublica. What were these modifications?

  • Answer #17. Only dues-paying members (assidui) can seek offices in elections and establishing a non dues-paying class (socii as they were called then) who are entitled to participate in the organization but have no public rights. Recognition of vote tallying according to the old Roman system.

Question #18. Who was the first female consul of Nova Roma? From which province?

  • Answer #18. Pompeia Minucia Strabo from Canada Orientalis/Citerior

Day 10 (March 10th)

Question #19. In relation to the alphabet, 26 divided by 2 repeated twice is the annotation for a Nova Roman enterprise having its foundations in Rome. What is it?

  • Answer #19.

Question #20.In 2008 an important Sabine celebrated a noble bird and a big river. Who was the Sabine, what office in Nova Roma did he occupy, where did he celebrate this and what was this celebration about?

  • Answer #20.

Day 11 (March 11th)

Question #21. The Senate has standing committees. Name all of them

  • Answer #21.

Question #22. Racing and fighting in Nova Roma is a colorful event. What are the colors and explain what they represent.

  • Answer #22.

Final Results

The scores and final positions are:

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