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Salvete omnes!

This year's Ludi will consist of a Certamen historicum about the Magna Mater and Cult of Cybele. There will be a daily round of 10 questions for six days. The answer submissions will be due in no later than NOON ROME TIME the following day.


Please forward your answers to: lvtriarius AT yahoo DOT com

The Rules:

  • 1. One point will be awarded for each correct answer.
  • 2. For detailed questions and answers, 1 extra bonus point may be awarded per question to the contestant with the most comprehensive answer, covering all the required parts of the question, where work submitted from multiple contestants is somewhat equaled amongst them.
  • 3. Answers will not be accepted after the daily NOON ROME TIME deadline, when the daily answers will be posted on the NR wiki.
  • 4. Winners will be announced on April 10th.
  • 5. The Curule Aedile is the final authority in any disputed answers, and may refer the decision to another for clarification.

Send answers daily to lvtriarius AT yahoo DOT com

Submissions will not be accepted once answers are posted to this page (SHORTLY AFTER NOON ROME TIME the following day)

Certamen historicum - Day 1 (April 4th)


1. What were three primary events that occurred that caused Rome to officially adopt the Cult of the Magna Mater?

2. Which Roman Emperor claimed the Magna Mater as one of his ancestors?

3. The cult object brought to Rome was what?

4. The cult object originally belonged to which Roman ally?

5. The Magna Mater’s chariot was drawn by what animals?

6. Who was chosen to meet the goddess at Ostia?

7. Who could observe the Megalesia procession, but by their own laws, were forbidden to participate in it or to know her mysteries?

8. Who was forbidden to observe the Megalesia procession or any of the Ludi proceedings?

9. Who was the Magna Mater considered to be the Mother-Goddess of?

10. Who was the consort of Cybele?

Certamen historicum - Day 2 (April 5th)


11. Where were the Magna Mater and her priests confined to within the city of Rome?

12. What was the name of her eunuch Phrygian priests?

13. In Virgil’s Aeneid who is Cybele the mother of?

14. In the Aeneid for what purpose does she give the Trojans her sacred tree?

15. In the Aeneid what did she beg Iuppiter to do for the Trojans?

16. Who sponsored the Magna Mater’s celebrations?

17. Who was generally tasked with organizing the Megalesia?

18. What sacred structure is built on top of the original temple of the Magna Mater?

19. What names were used by the Arabians for the Magna Mater?

20. What did the major festival to the Magna Mater on March 25th represent?

Certamen historicum - Day 3 (April 6th)


21. How was each temple to the Magna Mater organized in relation to the other temples?

22. What were the ceremonial events that the Cannophori carried out on the March 25th Festival?

23. What were the four (4) priestly ranks in each MM Temple, from highest to lowest status?

24. How were new initiates of the cult inducted into the priesthood?

25. What was the name used by the Greeks to represent the Magna Mater?

26. What was the name used by the Babylonians to represent the Magna Mater?

27. What was the name used by the Sumerians to represent the Magna Mater?

28. What types of offerings were especially reserved for the Magna Mater?

29. When and why was it decided that the Magna Mater had to come to Rome and how was it justified?

30. What Carthaginian leader was terrorizing the Roman Countryside?

Certamen historicum - Day 4 (April 7th)


31. Who led the delegation sent to initially negotiate the transport of the Goddess to Rome?

32. How many were on the delegation?

33. Where did the delegation go and who did they see?

34. Besides Rome, what countries were the MM temples primarily located in?

35. What was the name used by the Egyptians to represent the Magna Mater?

36. What was the name used by the Latins to represent the Magna Mater?

37. What was the name used by the Akkadians to represent the Magna Mater?

38. When was the Magna Mater born?

39. Who dedicated the first temple to the Magna Mater in Rome, and where was it dedicated?

40. When was the first temple to the Magna Mater in Rome dedicated?

Certamen historicum - Day 5 (April 8th)


Certamen historicum - Day 6 (April 9th)


Certamen historicum - Day 7 (April 10th)


Contestant Standings

Contestant Day 1 Pts Day 2 Pts Day 3 Pts Day 4 Pts Day 5 Pts Day 6 Pts Bonus Pts Total Pts
Sex. Laelia Macra 10 8 9 27
C. Claudius Quadratus 10 7 9 1 27
John L. Barbato 10 8 7 1 26
G. Marcius Crispus 10 10


  • 1st Place: NAME
  • 2nd Place: NAME
  • 3rd Place: NAME
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