Ludi Megalenses MMDCCLXVII (2767) AUC (Nova Roma)

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Welcome to the Games of the Great Mother!

1st century BCE marble statue of Cybele from Formia, Lazio Region of Italy

Here is the schedule of events for this year's Megalesia or Ludi Megalenses:

pr. Non. Apr. (April 4th)

Deity Honored: Cybele, the Magna Mater

Non. Apr. (April 5th)

Deities Honored: Cybele & Iuppiter

a.d. VIII Id. Apr. (April 6th)

Deities Honored: Iuppiter & Apollo

a.d. VII Id. Apr. (April 7th)

Deities Honored: Apollo & Minerva

a.d. VI Id. Apr. (April 8th)

Deities Honored: Minerva & Fortuna

a.d. V Id. Apr. (April 9th)

Deities Honored: Fortuna & Bellona

a.d. IV Id. Apr. (April 10th)

Deities Honored: Bellona & Diana

  • Announcement of the Ludi Winners

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