Ludi Matutini 2761 AUC (Nova Roma)/Ludi Circenses

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C. Aurelia Falco Silvana omnibus civibus SPD.

With the Ludi Circenses soon upon us, here is the complete chariot race from Ben Hur, start to finish to set the mood.

Good luck to all owners, aurigae, and especially the magnificent horses who bring their speed and courage to the races.

Valete bene in pace Deorum, Silvana

Enroll your chariots/drivers in the Ludi Circenses at the Circus Maximus! You may enter one or two chariots/drivers.

Entries must contain:

A. His/her name in Nova Roma;
B. The name of his/her driver;
C. The name of his/her chariot;
D. His/her tactics for the Quarters and Semifinals;
E. His/her tactics for the Finals;
F. The name of his/her "factio" or team:
  • Albata
  • Praesina
  • Russata
  • Veneta
G. Tactics: Six (6) race tactics are possible:
  • 1. To hurry in the last laps
  • 2. To pass the curves closely the "spina" of the circus.
  • 3. To support a constant pace
  • 4. To lash the rivals
  • 5. To push the rivals to the wall of the circus
  • 6. To hurry in the straight lines

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Entries must be received NO LATER THAN June 7th.

Submit entries to:




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