Lucius Arminius Faustus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Lucius Arminius Faustus


Citizens! It is a hard decision, but I withdrawn my candidature as praetor, in behalf of these two good candidates I\uffffve seen, Scholastica and Sabinus. The estimated consul that reads me, please take out my name from the cista.

After thinking dearly, the praetorship is the gate of the Senate. To new blood always fill thats house, and make censores life easier, the praetorship must be ready to train new people.

However, I feel the Republic need a but more effort. So I fervently have been praying under my Lararium sacred fires, finally, the omens made me reach a conclusion.

By Iove Optimus Maximus! By Dearest Ceres, plebeian goddess that always shined me during the Aedilship and my Tribunate! By Queen Minerva, whom everlasting blessings has made my path of NR!

Citizens, I candidate myself to the magistrature of the consulship.

I was quaestor, aedile, tribune, praetor, propraetor. I am senator. The cursus honorum is filled. Time to try higher grounds.

As tribune, the defense of the strictly adherence of the historical path of the Republic was my light and guide. I have written and proposed many laws and people knows my engagement on the reforms NR need to be a more roman Nova Roma. Everyone knew my devotion to the Plebs and to the enlightment of the aedilship.

As praetor, the defense of the rights of expression had been my first priority. (I must now thanks all that supported me last year, when a good change on my life made me step down the Republic affairs a bit. But it was worthy the price - Now, I am serious and respected paterfamilias on my own domus :) ]

My devoting to Roman Religio is undeniable. And people knows I defend to the death the right of all other religios practitioners in NR.

NR, like Rome itself, is the domus of all.

As consul, I promise you - what should I promise? - I promise been a good administrator. This is what we expect from a consul. My experience had taught me the paths of government. The vision of a Gracchus, the boldness of a Canuleius, the will of a Cicero, the ethics of a Cato. Other most important thing is the consulship of Faustus will open a new age in NR. The consulship of excellent Minucia Strabo has open the consulship to the women. The consulship of Faustus will open NR for the other side of the world.

It will be the first time we will have a consul from the South Hemisphere. By electing a consul from Brasilia, a latin american, NR fullfills its mission around the world, and signs all that our mission is \uffffurbe et orbi\uffff. We are more than a Virtual Organization. We are a Republic of ideals, spread all around the Orbe.

As consul, all my resume in NR shows I will keep the right balance between Comitia and the Senate, and bring always the equilibrium resulted in the expansion of the Roman Republic. As you know, the Roman Republic is considered the merging of the three perfect systems of the politics of Aristotle.

When seeing the mission ahead, I only raise the hands to the fair Heaven, where I expect the gods hear me. I know if your votes don't fail me, they will send their blessings. I cannot see a good magistrature in NR without a bit of supernatural help, merging people all around the world and so many cultures in this unity we must fight for.

So, quirites, I ask your votes. I withdrawn my candidature for praetor, and announce my candidature for consul.

L. Arminius Faustus, Senator

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