Lucia Livia Plauta (Election MMDCCLX)

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Tribunus Plebis
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Lucia Livia Plauta

Album Civium

Election MMDCCLX


Salvete cives Novae Romae!

I'd like to present my candidacy for the office of tribunus plebis in MMDCCLXI A·V·C (2008 CE).

I'm a 41 year old italian woman. I was born in Rome, lived in Torino, and I've been living in Budapest and teaching Italian at university for 15 years. Though my knowledge of Latin dates back to high school times, I can at least read it.

I have always been interested in Roman antiquity and I am committed to the religion of Nova Roma. Recently I have started collecting roman fibulae. Apart from English, I speak and read Hungarian, German, French and Spanish.

Even though I'm a new citizen I've already taken part and helped organize Nova Roman activities and reenactment events here in Provincia Pannonia and I have made contact with the italian mailing list. Currently I serve Nova Roma as scriba legati pro praetore in Pannonia.

As private citizen, my mid-term plan is to produce and sell reproductions of all sorts of roman and ancient greek objects, like jewelery, clothes, terracottas. At the moment I'm in an experimental phase (until the end of this year), and I'm concentrating on two products, the reproduction of a roman fibula, and the copy of a V. century B.C. greek terracotta doll.

In my opinion the tribunate is a very important office in Nova Roma, and gives a good opportunity to make positive changes and improve our society. I'd like to help expand Nova Roma and make it more efficient, and I can promise I will be an active tribuna plebis, trying to work in a constructive way and not only using intercessio. Due to my status as an expat I feel particularly able to act as a unifying agent among the various provinces and willing to represent their plebs.

Valete omnes!

Lucia Livia Plauta

Scriba Legati pro Praetore (Provincia Pannonia)

Tribuna Plebis Candidata

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