Lex Equitia de mutandis appellationibus duorum magistratuum minorum (Nova Roma)

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This lex has been REPEALED.

Approved by Comitia Populi Tributa
Yes: 28 No: 4 Abs.: 0
Id. Sex. Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. MMDCCLVII a.u.c.

Equitian Law concerning changing the titles of two minor magistrates:

Since correct Latin is an important part of Nova Roma's public image and of our mission to disseminate Romanitas, we endeavor to correct mistakes in our public Latin, in order to make ourselves understandable to readers, writers, and speakers of modern Latin.

1. The titles of two of our minor magistrates, whose offices did not exist in antiquity, have until this time been incorrect Latin.
2. The titles of these two magistracies shall be changed as follows:
A. The title "curator araneum" shall be changed to "magister aranearius."
B. The title "curator differum" shall be changed to "editor commentariorum."

Repealed by Lex Equitia de vigintisexviris, Non. Oct. MMDCCLVII (07 October 2004)

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