Lex Cornelia et Maria de civitate eiuranda (Nova Roma)

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1. Resignation of citizenship from Nova Roma, as stated in paragraph II.A.4. of the constitution of Nova Roma, is effected by notification to the censores, or by declaration before three or more witnesses. Messages posted to e-mail lists or to electronic message boards, or statements of intent to resign citizenship made "live" meet the requirement for three witnesses to a resignation if and only if three witnesses to the resignation notify the Censors thereof within 72 hours of the initial proclamation. Individuals wishing to resign their citizenship may contact the censors directly and obviate the need for witnesses.

2. When a citizen resigns citizenship in Nova Roma, the resignation will not take effect for nine days from the date of the censors being notified, counting inclusively of the date of the notification. If the citizen desires to withdraw his or her resignation during this nundinum and remain a citizen, that citizen may freely do so without penalty, except as defined in the next paragraph. The citizen can withdraw the resignation by notifying the censores of his/her desire to withdraw the resignation by at least the same channel that he/she used to submit the resignation. For example, if a citizen submits a message to the e-mail address of the censores, currently censors@novaroma.org, stating that he/she resigns, then the citizen must e-mail the Censores by the same address to withdraw the resignation.

3. If a currently serving magistrate submits and withdraws multiple resignations of citizenship within the same calendar year, the censores will have grounds, after a closed hearing at which the magistrate will have the opportunity to present reasoning for his/her actions, to issue an edictum against the magistrate rendering him/her ineligible to run for elected office for one year. Should the magistrate believe that he/she has a case for appeal of such an edictum, he/she can appeal to a Tribunus Plebis, Praetor or Consul within 30 days of issuance of the edictum as follows:

  • 1. If Plebeian, either to a Tribunus Plebis to bring the appeal to the Comitia Plebis Tributa or to a Praetor or Consul to bring the appeal to the Comitia Populi Tributa.
  • 2. If Patrician, to a Praetor or Consul to bring the appeal to the Comitia Populi Tributa.
  • 3. Note that the decision to convene these comitia, along with the schedule for doing so, is the purview of the tribuni, consules and praetores, and is therefore beyond the scope of this edict.
  • 4. When a citizen resigns citizenship in Nova Roma, and the resignation becomes official after nine days, the ex-citizen is barred from reapplication and reinstatement for a period of six months, effective from the date his or her resignation became official. EXAMPLE: A citizen resigned on May 1, 2000, and his resignation became official on May 9, 2000, he could not be reinstated until November 9, 2000.
  • 5. The ex-citizen, in the event that he desires to reacquire citizenship, must apply in the same fashion as any other person desirous of citizenship would, with the exception that he/she is directed to state in his/her application the reasons behind his/her resignation and decision to reverse the resignation and come back. His/her Roman name may be resumed if no other citizen of Nova Roma has taken it up in his/her absence. No public offices, titles or century points carry over to the returning citizen, with the exception of any religious titles and corresponding century points that may be specified by the Collegium Pontificum. Senatorial status may be resumed at the discretion of both the Senate and of the censores collegially. Gens affiliation in all instances remains at the discretion of the pater or materfamilias.
  • 6. If a citizen resigns, is subsequently reinstated, and resigns a second time, that ex-citizen is barred for two years from reinstatement. Such a citizen is furthermore barred from running for any elected public office for two years following re-admission, with no recourse.
  • 7. If a citizen resigns, is subsequently reinstated, and resigns a second time, is subsequently reinstated, and resigns a third time, that ex-citizen is barred forever from reinstatement. The ex-citizen has despised his citizenship and shown contempt for the state: he may never be reinstated thereafter.
  • 8. The Censors will note the dates of submitted and withdrawn resignations in the censorial album civium.

Passed by Comitia Populi Tributa, Yes-25; No-10;


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