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Based at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, Legio V Alaudae is a reenactment unit from the time of Iulius Caesar, its founder, through the 1st Century AD. The legion was reborn in September of 1999.

Centurio Primus Pilus: Gaius Atilius Lepidus (Currently out of contact with Nova Roma and thought to be serving in the middle east.)

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/legiovalaudae/

Contact E-mail: legio_v_alaudae@yahoo.com

Approved by Senatus Consultum on Non. Dec. L. Equitio Dec. Iunio cos. MMDCCLII a.u.c.

Senatvs Consvlta: Legio V Alaudae (The Larks) request Nova Roma Sponsorship.

Shall Nova Roma sponsor the Legio?

Legio V Alaudae (The Larks) request Nova Roma Sponsorship

Salvete, Senate Patres, I thank you for this opportunity. Legio V will always uphold the vision, ideals of Nova Roma in all our activities. We will promote Nova Roma to all who come in contact with us. We sincerely hope to have a long lasting relationship with Nova Roma. Thank You.

Ave Atque Vale Gaius Atilius Lepidus Centurio Primus Pilus Legio V Alaudae SPQR

APPLICATION follows (Posted seperatly)


Legio address: 401 Grimes St, Ft Bragg,NC 28310

Legio email address. PaulFitsik@w... or dragoon_trooper@y...

Website URL: ttp: //community.webtv.net/paulfitsik/LegioVAlaudae

City, State, Country of Legio Encampment(station): Ft Bragg, NC USA LEGIO

PARTICULARS: Full name of Commander of Legio: Gaius Atilius Lepidus

Legal name: Paul Fitsik III

Phone number: 910-436-4747(home) 910-432-5355(work)

Email address: PaulFitsik@w... or dragoon_trooper@y...

Number of Legionaries in Legio: 5 full, 6 inprocessing/outfitting

Has the Commander attained the age of 18?: Yes (31 years old)

Are there any legionaries younger than 18 years in the Legio? no

Month/year Legio was formed: Nones of Sextilis 1999AD (5 Sep 99)

Time period of Reenactment of Legio:

Caesar's Gallic Legios_X___

Imperal Legios_X____

What made you choose this time period?

Commander wanted a Legio founded by J. Caesar. Wanted them to be on the Gaellic Frontier. Time period of Legio V is the 1st Century AD (mostly but will cover Caesar's time period)

Brief History since formation: Sep 99 started Legio "on paper". Nov 99 recruited first Legionary (Aquilifer). @ more followed in Dec 99. Feb 00 started assembling suppliers and merchants for gear.

Apr 00 have 5 members. Developed an application for recruits. Apr-Sep 00 6 recruits in development stage. (not full members til they acquire all the basic gear requirements for "active involvement").

Long term goals within 5 years?: To have 20+ Legionary Troops for Renactments. To fully develope our school educational assemblies. We want to be the best Legio on the Field at various reenactment events eg: Roman Days in MD). Also all members fully involved with Nova Roma Cista, Gens etc.)

How did we hear about Nova Roma Sponsorship?: From Nova Roma's site.

What other Reenactment Legios have you had association with?: Legio XX, Matt Amt's Legio (due to mileage Commander is an associate member of XX). Are you associated with SCA or other period Reenactment Societies?: None so far. We are still looking at Legio V joining a reenactment society that best reflects our Legio's concept.

Passed, Yes-18; No-0; Abstain-0

5 December 2753

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