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The Legio I Italica of Provincia Thracia marching forward.
Our Legio I Italica, led by legatus C. Cornelius Celer Rufus, in Castra Ovum, fortress of the local Legio XX Valeria Victrix of Britannia

The Nova Roman Legio I Italica is an allied legionary reenactment unit located in Provincia Thracia, but it isn't part of the provincial reenactment legions. The Legio I Italica was founded by Ser. Cornelius Celer Primus, and it was recruited as an official allied legion of Nova Roma in a.d. VII Kal. Iun. C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c., but he is not the commander of the legion.


The ceremonial supreme commanders of all legions within Nova Roma are the consules of Nova Roma, and the praetores are the vice-supreme commanders.

This legion is not part of the provincial reenactment forces of Thracia, so the provincial governor's imperium does not extend over it. The legion was put under direct praetorian command by the praetor C. Petronius Stephanus Turpilianus who enlisted the Legio I Italica in Nova Roma.

The actual commander of our allied Legio I Italica, appointed specifically as commander-in-chief of the legion, is the legatus C. Cornelius Celer Rufus. He exercises command on his own. Missions and operations of the legion are directed by Ser. Cornelius Celer Primus.


The Legio I Italica performing the testudo

Province Level State Generals (political officers of the republic):

Legionary Officers:

  • centurio -
  • centurio -
  • tesserarius -
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