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The LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA is a project developed by the Provincia Hispania. The commander is Lucius Minicius Sceptius.

Nova Roma Sponsorship approved by Senatus Consultum on October 11st 2005 (MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.). (Report of Senatus Consultum)

Particularly, the LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA is a military re-enactment unit; its objective is the reconstruction of the equipment, the techniques and the everyday experiences of Roman legionaries. In order to reach these objectives, the legionaries of the LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA manufacture, build and purchase equipment that allows them to behave as real Roman legionaries with the greatest possible fidelity. Moreover, the LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA meets to put into practice different theories and ideas about how the ancient Roman Army worked, to develop exclusive activities for its members or to produce public demonstrations.


We are trying to re-enact a group of legionaries belonging to the historical LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA, which is known to have existed from the beginning of the 1st century BC until the 2nd century AD, and that visited every corner of the Empire, from Hispania to Germania and from Britannia to Judea. It took part in the Cantabric Wars, where it received the cognomen of HISPANA, as well as in the conquest of Britannia, in the war with the Dacians and in the repression of the riots of Judea.

Our intention is to re-enact the moment in which, at the end of the 1st century, the Roman Army suffered a very quick evolution, in parallel to the social and politician revolution that Roman society was experiencing at the time. This is the moment in which, after many civil wars, the Republic yielded another system of government. Rome had become the hegemonic power of the Western world , extending its control without limits, and the legions were the spearhead of this spreading.

We are interested in showing not only the military part of the legions, but their civilising function too. We are interested in the army that built up cities, roads, bridges, and aqueducts. The army that granted citizenship for all the foreigners that enrolled on it, while integrating them in the Roman culture and giving them a common language. We would like to increase our knowledge about that army and to transmit it to the people through different initiatives, from practical archaeology actions, real testing of different theories about military subjects, taking part in public events, conferences and exhibitions, producing shows with our equipment or just visiting schools and teaching centres. We also want to enrich the experience with civil life re-enactments, both as humble workers and as the most powerful politicians. All this while keeping in mind the educational and popularizative objectives that are always part of our projects.

The LEGIO·VIIII·HISPANA is open to collaborate with any kind of institution and in any kind of activity, and welcomes all those who are interested in sharing its goals.

Commanders of the Legio VIIII Hispana

M. Moravio T. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXI a.u.c.

L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.

K. Buteone Po. Minucia cos. MMDCCLIX a.u.c.

Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.

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