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The Legio II Adiutrix is a friendly legion of Nova Roma, amicus populi Novi Romani within Pannonia Provincia. The people of the Legio II Adiutrix reenactment unit was granted the "Friend of Nova Roma" status from legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus in a.d. X Kal. Oct. Cn. Lentulo Alexandro T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c., before the institutionalization of this title in Nova Roman law.


Friendly units are under their own non-citizen commander legally, formally and ceremonially. However, they still belong under the imperium of a Nova Roman commander who is responsible for them on behalf of Nova Roma, thus they fit into the ceremonial command structure of the Nova Roman Reenactment Army. The ceremonial supreme commanders of all legions within Nova Roma are the consules of Nova Roma, and the praetores are the vice-supreme commanders. The provincial ceremonial commander-in-chief of the Legio II Adiutrix (and all other legionary units in Provincia Pannonia), is the governor of Pannonia, the legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus.

The actual commander of the allied Legio II Adiutrix is M. Galerius Lupius. All officers and members are peregrini Pannonii.


State Generals (political officers of the republic):

Sovereign Monarch:

  • M. Aurelius Antoninus representing Marcus Aurelius emperor.

Legionary Officers:

  • centurio - M. Galerius Lupius
  • optio -
  • signifer -
  • tesserarius -
  • decanus -

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