Legio III Cyrenaica (Nova Roma)

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Legio III Cyrenaica Patricius Attacottus Vallavantinius - Pilus Prior/Centurio

URL: http://www.legioiiicyrenaica.org/

email: FeldTrp419@aol.com

We are a Vexillation (Cent I, Coh II) of Legio III Cyrenaica, along with two Auxilia Cohortes (Coh II Nabataea and Coh IV Menapii), under the Command of Pilus Prior Vallavantinius. Ours is a Flavian Period Organization that is the major military formation protecting the Provencia Nova Britannia. Our organizational boundaries are from the Hudson River, East to the Atlanticus and from the Canadian Border south to the Atlanticus.

If you need more data, please do not hesitate to contact me.

C Patricius Attacottus Vallavantinius Pilus Prior, Centurio, Praefectus Militarium - Provencia Nova Britannia Cent I, Coh II, Legio III Cyrenaica Coh II Nabataea Coh II Menapii

Approved by Senatus Consultum Kal. Apr. Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.

Senatus Consultum: Request for Sponsorship of Legio III

Nova Roma sponsorship to the Legio III "Cyrenaica" including Century I, Cohort II and Century III, Cohort IV "Menapii"

Passed, Yes-18; No-0; Abstain-2 04/01/05

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