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These texts belong to one of the three great categories of Novaroman legal acts, generally speaking:

  • the Constitution, which gives its legal existence to every other act ;
  • the assemblies acts ;
  • the other acts, which do not fall inside the scope of the law.

The Constitution

The acts passed by Nova Roma assemblies

These assemblies, called in latin "comitium" plural "comitia" are, as in ancient Rome :

  • the assemblies of the People, according the way they are organized :
  • Comitia centuriata
  • Comitia tributa populi
  • Comitia tributa plebis (or "concilium plebis")
  • a special assembly, the Comitia curiata, composed by selected citizens, the lictors.

They are split in two groups :

  • Laws :

You may consult either :

  • the actualized official list of leges, which provides all the laws passed by each of the four novaroman comitia ;
  • the list of lawswhich distinguishes the laws issued by the assemblies of the People and the Comitia curiata.

The non-law level acts

Nova Roma has two categories of such acts :

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