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Ex Officio Propraetoris Hispaniae.

Annual Report for Provincia Hispania 2760 AUC

Provincial Magistrates

Magisterial staff has grown this year in line with increasing provincial activity.

Hispania has the following Praetorium:


Marcus Curiatius Complutensis


Gnaeus Salvius Astur

Marcus Minicius Lupus

The region of Lusitania remains without a dedicated legate. This reflects continued levels of inactivity in that region.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all serving provincial staff for their assistance and dedication to the provincia this year.

Provincial List

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NRHispania/ remains the dedicated mailing list for citizens of Hispania and those with an interest in our provincia.

Web Site

Our provincial website remained at http://www.nrhispania.org until September, thanks to the economical support of the Spanish association, but actually the web is in a provisional host and we need space to upload the web.

My gratitude to Marcus Adrianus Glabrio for his management and maintenance of the site.

Provincial Gatherings

This year witnessed our first provincial gathering in the town of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid-Spain), the ancient roman Complutum.

After this, we have made meetings in:

- June: Toledo

- September: Valladolid

Provincial Newsletter and newspaper

The last year I wrote:

The edition of the provincial newsletter can be found at: http://commentariola.blogspot.com and shortly (I hope) we will publish the first edition of “Cerva Alba”, a news paper.

For this year the provincial newsletter is still http://commentariola.blogspot.com, the project of Cerva Alba was annulled, because the citizens in charge of it are working for the new Spanish association.

Actually we are working in the blog http://novaromahispania.blogspot.com

Oppidum Complutum

Complutum is the second Oppidum founded in Nova Roma according the Lex Fabia de Oppidis et Municipis,

This year the Oppidum was inactive.

Cultural non profit Association Provincia Hispania Novae Romae

This association is disappeared but as Province of Nova Roma we continue with the collaborations in defence of the patrimony:

“Defensa del Acueducto Romano de Penyacortada” (defence of roman aqueduct in Penya Cortada),

“Defensa de la Villa Romana de l’Enova” (defence of roman Villa in L’Enova) and

“Defensa de los Principia de León” (defence of Principa in Leon, ancient headquarter of the Legio VII Gemina)


The 50% of the collected taxes was forwarded to the Treasury of Nova Roma

With the other 50% of the collected taxation retained in the Provincia we have paid the telephone and mail expenses trying to organize the Conventus.

2761 A.V.C.

I do not expect an immediate recovery of the provincial activity but I hope that participation levels remain the same as for this year.

Therefore I must ask my renewal as a provincial governor because there is no other person willing to do so.

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