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CIV-Lucia Livia Plauta.jpg Lucia Livia Plauta

Candidate for quaestor.
Album Civium

I am Lucia Livia Plauta, 42 year old pannonian citizen. I'm italian, but I have been living in Budapest and teaching Italian for 15 years. I am a cultrix deorum and have been active both in Pannonia, performing ceremonies with Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, and in Italy, where I took part in the Feriae Latinae ceremony. This year, apart from performing my duties of Tribuna Plebis, I have helped represent Nova Roma at various festivals and events around Europe and in Hungary, activity which resulted into my being appointed legata legati pro praetore Pannoniae. Though I was one of the best Latin pupils at my times in high school, by now my knowledge is mainly passive, but I can still read most simple latin. Other languages I can use, apart from Hungarian and English, are French, German and Spanish.

So I think I will be useful to whichever magistrate I will work with, if I'm elected for the position of quaestor.

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