Election MMDCCLXI (Nova Roma)/Appius Galerius Aurelianus

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CIV-Appius Galerius Aurelianus.jpg Appius Galerius Aurelianus

Candidate for Tribunus Plebis.
Album Civium

Salve et Salvete,

Fellow plebeians. I come before you today to ask your kind consideration in allowing myself to represent you as Tribunus Plebis. I am not a politician per se. I have decided to run based on the call put forth, for the need of Plebeians to work for and represent our Plebeian Order, within the Respublica. It is for this reason and a feeling of patriotism for Nova Roma that I have chosen to do so. I have been a citizen of Nova Roma for 3 years. In that time I had to take some time out, for there having been deaths and health issues in my Familia. These matters have been taken care of with the help of the Gods et Goddesses of Rome. I am a practitioner of the Religio Romana and have no qualms in filling the requirements of the State in its relationship to the Religio. I will act diligently to give the people the best representation that they rightfully deserve. Therefore, I seek your support and ask you to join with me to work towards a greater Nova Roma and the future development of our beloved Respublica, for the benefit of all her citizens.

Optime Vale et Valete, Appius Galerius Aurelianus

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