Decretum pontificum de sacrificiis (Nova Roma)

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This decretum is currently active.

The Collegium Pontificum has met and decreed:

The Collegium Pontificum is the only institution empowered to regulate the ritual practice of the Religio Publica of Nova Roma. Until such a time as the Collegium Pontificum may determine that circumstances are appropriate for the full restoration of the cultus of the Religio Publica the Collegium neither mandates nor prohibits animal sacrifice in the caerimoniae of the Religio Publica. Practitioners of the Religio Romana, including sacerdotes conducting the caerimoniae of the Religio Publica, may conduct or refrain from animal sacrifice in accordance with their conscience and circumstances. If animal sacrifice is conducted in accordance with this decretum, the slaughter of the animal must be conducted humanely, in accordance with the mos maiorum, and in compliance with the macronational law applying to the locale of the sacrifice. The Collegium does not intend to request appropriation of public funds by the Senate for animal sacrifice until and unless a final decision on the full restoration of the ancient cultus has been made, a circumstance which we do not envision as likely until the construction of public temples occurs and the fullest possible discussion of the matter has been undertaken by the appropriate authorities of the state.


a Collegio Pontificum decretum a.d. VIII Kal. Mai. Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. MMDCCLVII a.u.c.

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