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{{PortalBox | title=PROVINCIA GERMANIA | content=  
{{PortalBox | title=PROVINCIA GERMANIA | content=  
[[Image:CIV-Titus Flavius Aquila.jpg|75px]][[Titus Flavius Aquila (Nova Roma)|T. Flavius Aquila]], ''legatus pro praetore [[DE:Provincia Germania (Nova Roma)|Germaniae]].''}}
{{PortalBox | title=BILD DES TAGES | content={{PhotoSwitcher}} }}
{{PortalBox | title=BILD DES TAGES | content={{PhotoSwitcher}} }}

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Die Rekonstruktion der klassischen römischen Religion, Kultur und Tugenden

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Hodié a.d. XVI Kal. Sex. III post M. Pompeium Sex. Lucilium cos. MMDCCLXXI a.u.c. est. "F"


The Senate has been summoned for May. The Schedule and Agenda are here
The Senate voted last month. Read results here
Other Senate sessions here

Taxes are now overdue if you have not paid! - Payment instructions here
You can still pay your tax but at an enhanced rate between April 1st and September 30th

Das "Xenia Nova Romana" Project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube

Watch amazing photos of Nova Roman wedding ceremonies, a consecration of an augur, and an inauguration of a templum

Lentulus Spinula sml.jpg
Praefectus of Lusitania C. Cocceius and legatus pro praetore of Pannonia Cn. Lentulus pontifex, offering a sacrifice for the well-being of Nova Roma at the altar of Aquincum, at the Lusitania-Pannonia Interprovincial Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, 2010.
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