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Passed on ante diem XIV Kalendas May MMDCCLV (Thu Apr 18, 2002 8:01 pm)

I. Pontifex status in the Nova Roma Religio Romana shall be "for life", so long as a Pontiff maintains a minimum level of activity, as defined herein.

II. In January or February of each year, and at no other time, the Collegium Pontificum must vote on possible from the Collegium those Pontifices who have failed to maintain that minimum level of activity. A Pontifex must be voted out by a 2/3 margin to be removed.

III. Should a Pontifex voted from the Collegium become active again, they may re-apply for Pontifex status by standard means, and have opportunity to be reappointed by a simple majority vote.

IV. A Pontifex is required to cast votes on at least one third of the Collegium agendas that are brought to a vote during any calendar year. Should he or she fail to do so, they may be removed by the Collegium as stated above.

V. Voting by proxy shall be considered acceptable for satisfying these requirements, provided that proxy is granted during the discussion period that immediately precedes that particular vote. VI. Pontifices must uphold a minimum level of 'public' activity outside the Collegium each year. This public activity must include no less than six serious religious posts to a Nova Roma forum in a year, OR one "religious project".

VII. A "religious project" may contain the following (or an equivalent thereof proposed by a Pontifex and accepted by the Collegium Pontificum): writing one article or essay for the NR website, writing the text of one ritual or offering to the Gods, presiding over one public ritual or offering, mentoring/teaching a member or members of the NR priesthood, teaching an online Religio Romana class or study group, etc.

VIII. Newly accepted Pontifices are exempt, regardless of their participation level the previous year. Any Pontifex appointed less than six months before the end of the year is exempt.


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