Cohors VI Raetorum (Nova Roma)

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The Nova Roman Cohors VI Raetorum is an allied legionary reenactment unit of Pannonia Germania. The Cohors VI Raetorum unit was recruited as an official allied legion of Nova Roma in a.d. V Kal. Quin. C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c..


The ceremonial supreme commanders of all legions within Nova Roma are the consules of Nova Roma, and the praetores are the vice-supreme commanders. The provincial ceremonial commander-in-chief of the Cohors VI Raetorum (and all other legionary units in Provincia Germania), is the governor of Germania and the Dioecesis Europae Celticae et Germanicae, the dux et legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, and the proquaestor of Germania, C. Flavius Constantinus Aeneas Stilicho, and the legatus of Germania C. Artorius Praeconinus are the provincial deputy commanders-in-chief.

The actual commander of our allied Cohors VI Raetorum, appointed specifically as commander-in-chief of the legion, is the praefectus cohortis L. Helvenatius Remus, centurio. He exercises command based on instructions by the director Henni Speck. Field operations of the legion are directed by the praefectus and his fellow officers.


Province Level State Generals (political officers of the republic):

Legionary Officers:

  • centurio -
  • vexillarius - C. Spurinna Crispus
  • gregalis beneficiarius - Marcellus Rusticus
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