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The Nova Roman Cohors VI Carpathica is the legionary reenactment unit of Regio Rostallonensis of Pannonia Provincia. It is one of the most active reenactment groups within Nova Roma. The Cohors VI Carpathica reenactment unit was founded by C. Villius Vulso in 2011. The cohors Carpathica was started by a section of the Legio XXI Rapax, but soon became a separate unit within Nova Roman Pannonia, specifically connected to Regio Rostallonensis. The cohors is logistically and financially maintained by the "Colonia Rostallo Cultural and Military History Foundation", a corporation in alliance with Nova Roman Pannonia, occasionally standing in for the provincia for business and legal purposes in relationship with the macronational authorities.


Community website

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The ceremonial supreme commanders of all legions within Nova Roma are the consules of Nova Roma, and the praetores are the vice-supreme commanders. The provincial ceremonial commander-in-chief of the Cohors VI Carpathica (and all other legionary units in Provincia Pannonia), is the governor of Pannonia, the legatus pro praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, and the proquaestor of the provincia Sp. Porcius Gemma is the provincial deputy commander-in-chief.

The actual commander of the Cohors VI Carpathica, appointed specifically as commander-in-chief of the cohors, is the praefectus cohortis C. Villius Carbo Macro, with the legionary rank optio. He exercises command on his own.

Missions and operations of the legion are directed by the praefectus cohortis and optio C. Villius Macro Carbo, and he is assisted by another chief officer, optio C. Villius Vulso (the former praefectus).


Province Level State Generals (political officers of the republic):

Legionary Officers:

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Cohors VI Carpathica in Siklós.jpg

Memories from the time of the beginnings in 2011...

Soldiers of the cohors at the time of its founding, many years ago, in 2011. Since then, the cohors changed a lot, the young members have grown up!
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