Circenses Apollinares Finals carceres (Nova Roma)

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Ludi circenses Apollinares 2763 auc - FINALS : the ORDER in the CARCERES

Here below the order in the carceres for the Finals, which opposes 2 essediae, the winners of their respective semi-finals.

The rank below is the place in the carceres from the spina to the wall.

The tactics chosen by every owner/auriga is naturally displayed... once the race has been already run !


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
I Ala rubra Arctus R L. Livia Plauta F
II Equa noctis (Night mare) Nyxia V R. Cornelia Val. Iuliana Aeternia and V. Ritulia Enodiaria F
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