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The public rites of the religio Romana were performed and controlled by a number of different priestly collegia and other special priests and magistrates. Those priestly organizations that ranked below the collegia were known as sodalicia, and there were many "independent" priests of various cults who bore the title sacerdos.

The four major priestly colleges were

In addition, there were a number of priesthoods of well-established "foreign" cults (such as the cult of Isis and Serapis). For a list of current Foreign Priesthoods of these "foreign cults" within Nova Roma, read about foreign priesthoods in Nova Roma. Some of these cults were initiatory, and were called "Mysteries" (such as the Mysteries of Mithras).

Nova Roma has reinstated these ancient priesthoods as part of our effort to reconstruct Roman religion and culture.

Our main article on Nova Roman priesthoods is Priests (Nova Roma).


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