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The Index Materiarum (abbr. IM) is one of the three chapters composing Nova Roma's tabularium. It is thus one of the three different ways to access to Nova Roma Law, the other ones being the Category and Chronological table and Novaroman Law handbook.

The Index Materiarum is organized by subjects (materia, ae, f. in latin). The subjects are general matters either specific to Novaroman law or common to current life.

Naturally, this index will not replace the function of an handbook, giving a full understanding of the subject, its historical grounds, etc.

The Index materiarum thus allows people, non specialized in or familiar with law, as well to every Novaroman public officer, to find as quickly as possible an answer on the applicable texts on a defined subject. For exemple, the activation of the "adoption" link will provide all texts applicable in the field of Novaroman adoption.

We remind our reader that :

  • Novaroman law, even if it tends in itself to be close to the ancient roman practice, is not fully similar, for historical, legal, systemic and organizational reasons, to ancient Rome Law. Any reader who would wish have an information on historical ancient Rome legal system is suggested to consult the relevant wiki pages.
  • as soon as possible, this Index materiarum will include, besides current Novaroman law, all the archived sources. These old sources will be inserted in each of the subject pages. For instance, an ancient text on "adoption" will be classified under the applicable current texts on the same matter.

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