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VOLUMNIA GENS, patrician and plebeian. It was of great antiquity, for the wife of Corio­lanus belonged to it, and one of its members, P. Volumnius Gallus, held the consulship as early as b.c. 461, but it never attained much importance. The Volumnii bore the cognomens of Gallus with the agnomen Amintinus, and of Flamma with the agnomen Violens.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Marcus and Publius.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Tiberius, Aulus, and Marcus. The praenomina Gaius, Lucius, Publius, Quintus, Titus, Sextus, Decimus, Gnaeus, Spurius, Manius, Servius, Appius, Numerius, and Vibius have not been used by the Volumnii in the modern era.

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