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In the time of Suetonius it was dis­puted whether the origin of the Vitellii was ancient and noble, or recent and obscure, and even mean. The adulators of the emperor Vitellius and his ene­mies were the partizans of the two several opinions. The name of the Vitellii at least was ancient, and they were said to derive their descent from Faunus, king of the Aborigines, and Vitellia, as the name is in the text of Suetonius. ( Vitell. c. 1.) The family, according to tradition, went from the country of the Sabini to Rome, and was received among the Patricians. As evidence of the existence of this family (stirps), a Via Vitellia, extending from the Janiculum to the sea, is mentioned, and a Roman colonia of the same name, Vitellia, in the country of the Aequi. (Liv. v. 29, ii. 39.) The name of the Vitellii occurs among the Romans who conspired to restore the last Tarquinius, and the sister of the Vitellii was the wife of the consul Brutus. (Liv. ii.4.)

Cassius Severus and others assigned the meanest origin to the Vitellii: the founder of the stock, ac­cording to them, was a freedman. Suetonius leaves the question undecided.

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Used by the early Vitelii

Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were:

Aulus, Gaius, Lucius, Marcus, Proculus, Publius, Quintus.

Used by the modern Vitellii (by familia)

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Lucius, Marcus, Quintus, Sextus, Tiberia, Titus, Aulus, and Decimus by familia.

  • Lucius ~ Used by the Vitellii Triari, Vitellii Severi
  • Marcus ~ Used by the Vitellii Pulcher
  • Quintus ~ Vitellii Arcari, Vitellii Mai, Vitellii Triari
  • Sextus ~ Used by the Vitellii Scauri
  • Tiberia ~ Used by the Vitellii Triari
  • Titus ~ Used by the Vitellii Aviti, Vitellii Iusti
  • Aulus ~ Used by the Vitellii Celsi
  • Decimus ~ Used by the Vitellii Reguli

Used by the modern Vitellii (by citizenship)

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Lucius, Marcus, Quintus, Sextus, Tiberia, and Titus by citizenship.

  • Civis ID# 8446 ~ Lucius Vitellius Triarius
  • Civis ID# 8649 ~ Sextus Vitellius Scaurus
  • Civis ID# 8831 ~ Quintus Vitellius Arcarius
  • Civis ID# 8900 ~ Titus Vitellius Avitus
  • Civis ID# 8963 ~ Quintus Vitellius Maius
  • Civis ID# 9115 ~ Titus Vitellius Iustus
  • Civis ID# 9147 ~ Marcus Vitellius Pulcher
  • Civis ID# 9232 ~ Lucius Vitellius Severus
  • Civis ID# 12415 ~ Aulus Vitellius Celsus
  • Civis ID# 12997 ~ Decimus Vitellius Regulus

Appius/Appia, Aula, Decima, Gaius/Gaia, Gnaeus/Gnaea, Lucia, Manius/Mania, Marcia, Numerius/Numeria, Publius/Publia, Quinta, Servius/Servia, Sexta, Spurius/Spuria, Tiberius, Tita, Vibius/Vibia have not been used for citizenship by the Vitellii in the modern era.

Religio of the Vitellii

Patron Gods of the Gens Vitellia: Iuppiter Optimus Maximus, Mars

History of the Vitellii

  • Domus Vitellia ~ A Modern Guest House inside a wing of Santa Chiara's Convent in Rome

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