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VETURIA GENS, anciently called VETUSIA, patrician and plebeian. The patrician branch of the gens was of great antiquity: according to tradition one of their number, Mamurius Veturius, lived in the time of Numa, and made the sacred ancilia. From the fact of Mamu­rius Veturius being connected with the history of Numa, and also from his having two gentile names, we may conclude that the Veturii were of Sabine origin, and belonged to the second tribe at Rome, the Tities or Titienses. The Veturii are also mentioned in the early times of the republic, and one of them, P. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus, was consul in the eleventh year of the republic, b. c. 499. The Veturii rarely occur in the later times of the republic, and after the year b. c. 206, when L. Veturius Philo was consul, their name disap­pears from the Fasti. They were divided into families, bearing respectively the names of Calvinus, Crassus, Cicurinus, Geminus Cicurinus and Philo. The coins of the Veturia gens have no cognomen upon them.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Lucius, Gaius, Publius, Titus, Spurius, and Tiberius.

There were not any members of this gens in Nova Roma until 2766.

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