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SEXTIA GENS, plebeian. This name is fre­quently confounded with that of Sestius (Sestia Gens). On coins we find only Sestius, never Sextius. The first member of the Sextia gens who obtained the consulship was L. Sextius Sextimis Lateranus in b. c. 366, who was the first plebeian that obtained this honour, after one place in the consulship was secured for the plebeian order, by the Licinian laws. The only other person in the gens who was consul under the re­public was C. Sextius Calvinus, in b. c. 124; but the names of a few Sextii appear on the consular Fasti in the imperial period.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Publius and Quintus.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Publius and Sextus. The praenomina Lucius, Quintus, Tiberius, Aulus, Decimus, Spurius, Manius, Servius, Numerius, and Vibius have not been used by the Sextii in the modern era.

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