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QUINTILIA, or QUINCTILIA, or QUINCTILLIA GENS, patrician. This name occurs in the earliest legends of Roman history, for the followers of Romulus among the shepherds are said to have been called Quintilii, just as those of his brother Remus were named Fabii. The Luperci, who were among the most ancient priests of Rome, were divided into two classes, one called Quintilii or Quintiliani, and the other Fabii or Fabiani. (Festus, s. vv. Quinctiliani Luperci, and Fabiani ; Ovid. Fast. ii. 378). Hence it has been conjectured with much pro¬≠bability that this priesthood was originally con¬≠fined to these gentes. (Comp. Diet, of Ant. s. v. Luperci.) But although the gens was so ancient, it never attained any historical importance, and its name is best known from the unfortunate Quintilius Varus, who was destroyed with his whole army by the Germans in the reign of Augustus. The Quintilii obtained only one consulship and one dictatorship during the whole of the republican period, the former in b. c. 453, and the latter in B.C. 331. During the republic Varus is the only family-name that occurs in the gens.

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