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MARCIA GENS, originally patrician, after­wards plebeian; like wise. We also, but not so frequently, find the name written Martius. This gens claimed to be descended from Ancus Marcius, the fourth king of Rome (Suet. Goes. § ; Val. Max. iv. 3. § 4 ; Ov. Fast. vi. 803) ; and hence one of its families subsequently assumed the name of Rex, and the heads of Numa Pompilius and Ancus Marcius were placed upon the coins of the gens. But notwithstanding the claims to such high an­tiquity made by the Marcii, no patricians of this name, with the exception of Coriolanus, are men­tioned in the early history of the republic, and it was not till after the enactment of the Licinian laws that any member of the gens obtained the consulship. The first Marcius who reached this ctignity , was C. Marcius Rutilus Censorinus, in b.c. 310. The only patrician family in this gens, as is remarked above, was that of Coriolanus, the names of the plebeian families in the time of the republic are Censorinus, Crispus, Figulus, Libo, Philippus, Ralla, Rex, Rufus, Rutilus, Septimus, Sermo, Tremulus. The only cogno­mens which occur on coins are Censorinus, Libo, Philippus.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were:

Used by the Marcii Rutili and Censorini:
Gaius, Lucius.
Used by the Marcii Tremuli and Philippi:
Lucius, Quintus.
Used by the Marcii Figuli:
Gaius, Lucius, Quintus, Titus.
Used by the Marcii Reges:
Publius, Quintus.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Marcus, Gaius, Lucius, and Aulus. The praenomina Publius, Quintus, Sextus, Decimus, Gnaeus, Spurius, Appius, Numerius, and Vibius have not been used by the Marcii in the modern era.

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