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LARTIA GENS, patrician, distinguished at the beginning of the republic through two of its members T. Lartius, the first dictator, and Sp. Lartius, the companion of Hdratius on the wooden bridge. The name soon after disappears entirely from the annals. The Lartii were of Etruscan origin, as their name clearly shows. The Etruscan word Lars means Lord,, with which it is perhaps etymo- logically connected. It is spelt on Etruscan sepul­ chral inscriptions either Larth,. Lart, Laris, or else Laree (Muller, Etrusc. vol. i. pp. 408, 409). Hence the various ways of spelling th& name. Livy has it always Lartius, Dionysius has Aajp/etos and Adpyws ; all three spellings occur on Latin inscriptions (comp. Index Rom. of Gruter's The­ saurus Inscr.). The Lartii, according to Dionysius, bore the surname Flavus. [W. I.]

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