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Attested gens in the coinage:

HIRTIA, gens plebeia. - Its coins, rare and in gold only, have but one type, as follows: - Obv. - C. CAESAR COS. III. A veiled female head. - Rev. - A. HIRTIVS P. R. Pontifical instruments, viz. lituus (the augural crook), urceus (the pitcher), and secespita (the axe).

Eckel reads the legend of reverse thus: - Aulus Hirtius Prefectus and not Pretor, as some have done. (See his explanatory reasons, in Cestia gens, vol. v. 269.) A. Hirtius was a great favourite of the Dictator Caesar, to whose commentaries he is believed to have put the last finishing touches. Consul in the year of Rome 711 (B.C. 43), he perished, together with his colleague, Vibius Pausa, at the battle of Mutina.

Source: Ancient Coins

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