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HERMINIA GENS, a very ancient patrician house at Rome, which appears in the first Etruscan war with the republic, b. c. 506, and vanishes from history in b. c. 448. The name Herminius occurs only twice in the Fasti, and has only one cogno­ men, aquilinus. [aquilinus.] Whether this gens were of Oscan, Sabellian, or Etruscan origin, is doubtful. An Herminius defends the sublician bridge against an Etruscan army, and probably re­ presents in that combat one of the three tribes of Rome. Horatius Codes, as a member of a lesser gens, the Horatian, is the symbol of the Luceres ; and therefore Herminius is the symbol either of the Ramnes or the Titienses. Probably of the latter, since the Titienses were the Sabine tribe, and the syllable Her is of frequent occurrence in Sabellian names, Herennius, Herius, Hernicus, Hersilia, &c. (Comp. Miiller, Etrusc. vol. i. p. 423.) But, on the other hand, the nornen of one of the Herminii is Lar, Larius, or Larcius (Liv. iii. 65 ; Dionys. xi. 51; Diod. xii. 27), and the Etruscan origin of Lar is unquestionable. (Miiller, II). p. 408.) It is remarkable, that the first Her­ minius, cos. b. c. 506, in his consulate, on the bridge, and at the " Battle of Regillus," is cou­ pled with Sp. Larcius. (Liv. ii. 10, 21; Dionys. v. 22.) The Roman antiquaries regarded the Herminii as an Etruscan family (Val. Max. de Praenom. 15) ; and Silius Italicus gives a North-Etruscan fisherman the name of Herminius. (Punic, v. 580.) In the diverging dialects of the West-Caucasian languages, Arminius, the Cherus- can name (Tac. Ann. ii.;, and Herminius, are per­ haps cognate appellations. [W. B. D.]

Source Smith


The most commonly used praenomen among members of this gens in ancient times was Titus.

There have not yet been any members of this gens in Nova Roma.

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