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The only attested member of the Gens Equitia in republican times is L. Equitius, said to have been a runaway-slave, gave himself out as a son of Ti. Gracchus, and was in consequence elected tribune of the plebs for b. c. 99. While tribune designatus, he took an active part in the designs of Saturninus, and was killed with him in b. c. 100: Appiari says that his death happened on the day on which he entered upon his office. (Appian, B. G. i. 32, 33; Val. Max; iii. 2. § 18; Cic. pro Sest. 47, who calls him insitivus Gracchus, and pro C. Rqbir. 7, where: he is described as ille ex compedibus atque ergastulo Gracchus.)

Other Equitii are attested in late imperium times.

Gens Equitia is one of the original gentes of Nova Roma and was founded by Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus.

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