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DUILIA or DUILLIA GENS, plebeian. The plebeian character of this gens is attested by the fact of M. Duilius being tribune of the plebs in b. c. 471, and further by the statement of Dionysius (x. 58), who expressly says, that the decemvir K. Duilius and two of his colleagues were plebeians. In Livy (iv. 3) we indeed read, that all the decemvirs had been patricians; but this must be regarded as a mere hasty assertion which Livy puts into the mouth of the tribune Canuleius, for Livy himself in another passage (v. 13) ex­ pressly states, that C. Duilius, the military tribune, was a plebeian. The only cognomen that occurs in this gens is Longus.

Source Smith

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