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DOMITIA GENS, plebeian, the members of which towards the end of the republic were looked upon as belonging to one of the most illustrious gentes. (Cic. Phil. ii. 29 ; Plin. H. N. vii. 57 ; Val. Max. vi. 2. § 8.) During the time of the republic, we meet with only two branches of this gens, the Ahenobarbi and Calvini, and, with the exception of a few unknown personages mentioned in isolated passages of Cicero, there is none without a cognomen.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were:

Used by the Domitii Calvini:
Gnaeus, Marcus.
Used by the Domitii Ahenobarbi:
Gnaeus, Lucius.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Lucius, Marcus, Decimus, and Titus. The praenomina Publius, Sextus, Aulus, Manius, Appius, Numerius, and Vibius have not been used by the Domitii in the modern era.

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