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Gaius Africanus Secondus Germanicus

Salvete Omnes Nova Roma,

Today, I put on the White Toga of candidacy and stand before the Civies of Nova Roma to declare myself for the office of Quaestor.

Before the deities of my gens ,Methras or Minerva, I pledge myself to the service of Nova Roma.

My decision to serve the Republic is not new. I have served as Aedile Plebis in the past and have stood for office before. I will be retired as of the first of the new year and feel I have the time and energy to serve faithfully.

I bring to the service of NR, 24 years of leadership and management experience in the military of my country and an additional 15 years as a college administrator. I have served on the board of directors for three non-profit organizations.

Since becoming a citizen in 1998 I have tried to keep abreast of the laws and issues which affect our Republic and where appropriate of added my voice.

Since this is a statement of Candidacy only, I am not addressing specific issues here but will do so in future posting.

I ask the Citizens of Nova Roma to bestow upon me the honor and privilege of serving them as Caster.

Valets, Gaius Africanus Secondus Germanicus

Alexander Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonicus

Salvete honoratissimi Qvirites!

I, Alexander Probus, stand before you to announce that I wish to stand for election as Tribunus Plebis.

I would not like to bore you with stuff on my qualifications but it seems to be necessary to share you something about me.

I am a Nova Roman for about two and a half year and am very proud to be citizen of our Republic. I serve to Her and Her people as Propraetor Pannoniae.

In my civil life I am 34 years old civil engineer, MSc and PhD degree on building services and work in as a project manager. I am married with one son and all we live in Bratislava Slovakia.

What is my vision on Nova Roma? I see Her as a great family of peoples with different ethnic, educational, religious and cultural background united around the ideals of the glorious ancient past, dreaming for better and fair treatment. I do believe and am absolutly sure all of us joined with a common interests and admiration on Roman history, religious tolerance, philosophy and artes tend to apply that values in your real life comunication within and outside Nova Roma. As a Tribunus Plebis I will assist to everyone Plebeian or Patrician supporting her/his efforts for polite and fair treatment. I will do the best I can to improve the comunication between our citizens and will support with all my heart and mind making friendship in our Republic. We are only 500 persons only and it is too little to fight with each other. If there will be good will all of us will be good and well comunicating polite peoples. That is what I dream for. Not for any political games, separation nor contraversal discussions. I promise not to use the intercessio for any group of citizens interests and to assist to everyone who personaly need my support.

But I will use the intercessio for blocking any too hurried decission of our magistrates targeting any of our citizens personaly. Benevolence, generousity and politness are my guidlines both to friends moreover to opponents.

I wish to other candidates for Tribunus Plebis office success and good luck in the electional campaign.

I also appologize to all of you for my not very good English. My limited vocabulary does not allow me to use witty phrases nor complicated verbal constructions. That is why I need to speak openly and directly about what I think about.

Bene valete and nice and sunny weekend to all of you!

Alexander Iulius Caesar Probus Macedonicus

M. Apollonius Formosanus Quirites

M. Apollonius Formosanus Quirites Omnes S.P.D.

I, Marcus Apollonius Formosanus, stand before you today in toga candidata, to request your votes for the office of Praetor Urbanus of Nova Roma. As a private citizen I have done my best to strive for iustitia and for the rights of the common civis of Nova Roma; now I wish as a Praetor of our Res Publica to continue to work for iustitia on an official basis, and to work for the protection of every citizen through well-founded law.


Our praetores are responsible for legal matters in Nova Roma. I as Praetor wish to preside over a throrough reworking and development of our court systems so that they will be impartial and non-political. I also wish to work in conjunction with the best legal minds among us to put in place an improved code of laws, which should include explicit protections of civil rights and the dignitas of the individual, as well as authentic Roman procedures, duely updated for our needs, in order to make civil actions available to right wrongs between citizens in an orderly and dignified fashion. This is an idea whose time has come in Nova Roma, and I look forth to collaboration with other magistrates, the Senate and the People in accomplishing these tasks.

Accomplishments and Positions in Nova Roma

Paterfamilias Gentis Apolloniae Moderator (president) of the Societas Latinitatis Praeceptor (educational officer) of the Societas Latinitatis Principal author of the Regula (constitution) of the Sodalitas Musarum (Senate approval pending) Scriba Censorius to Senior Censor L. Cornelius Sulla Felix Member of the Sodalitas Egressús, for which I have officially represented Nova Roma publicly at the Seminarium Opoliense II Applicant for the position of Sacerdos of Minerva (past and future) Candidate for leadership of the Collegium Polyhymniae, following Senate Approval Amicus Dignitatis

I have also been an active contributor on the NovaRomaLaws List.

Educatio et Munera (Education and Employment)

B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in the self-designed major: The Comparative Intercultural Philosophy of Asian and Other World Cultures Four years of additional post-graduate studies at Colorado State University and the University of Hawai'i (Comparative Intercultural Philosophy) Additional studies of Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese, Tung-hai University, Taiwan Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Goethe Insitute, T'ai-pei Presently enrolled in the Interlinguistics and Ethnolinguistics Programmes of Adam Mickiewicz University

Munera (Employment)

Full-time Lecturer in the Linguistics Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University (teaching English, Latin, Esperanto, Classical Chinese) Instructor, Teachers' Training Centre (associated with the University of Opole) (teaching English, British Civilisation and Culture, and British History) Director, One World Language Institute (a private school of foreign languages)

Associationes extra Novam Romam (Associations outside Nova Roma)

President, Universal Taoist Studies League, Esperantist (Universala Tao-Stud-Ligo Esperantista) Treasurer, Association Internationale d'Étude des Enseignements Spirituels et Théologiques Fellow of the International College of L'Accademia Internazionale delle Scienze (AIS) San Marino

I look forward to your support, Quirites, to serve you and serve Nova Roma.

Vivat Nova Roma Libera et Iusta!

Marcus Arminius Maior

Marcus Arminius Maior Quiritibus S.P.D. In this day of Kalends of December, i stand before you to offer my services as Aedilis Plebis for the next year. I'm a novus homo and a provincial, only 5 months as a citizen. But i'm full of enthusiasm about our micronation, and i expect to be pardoned to "jump" the step of Quaestor in the Cursus Honorum. :) This is because i think that i can do more as Aedile, looking forward,in colaboration with the other Aediles, Tribunes, magistrates and citizens to work for Nova Roma More details about me, my qualifications and my platform will be at your disposal a bit later.. Valete Marcus Arminius Maior Provincia Brasilia Paterfamilias Arminiae

Cn. Tarquinius Caesar


I stand before you at the urging of my fellow Citizens and magistrates clad in the chalk white toga and offer myself as a servant of our Republic. I cannot say that I had planned to run for office this year, but am nonetheless asking for your vote in the coming election.

I stand before you as a Roman. A lover, protector, and promoter of our Beloved Republic. A Republic that is in danger of being toppled by a dangerous and un-roman group of conspirators. There are candidates that stand before you who would have our system, an ancient and wonderful system, a _working_ system, a Roman system....they would tear all this down which we have built, and in its place erect a government that would make Cato himself rise from his rest to strike out at these "men".

Do not let our Republic fall into such hands. Give your vote to one who will safegaurd the Constitution, not seek to destroy it though Revolutionary measures.

There may not be Barbarians at the gates of Rome, but treasonous Romans aren't much better.

The past year has been one of stability. That is what Nova Roma needed most. She still needs this stability in order to move forward. This year, She will take her first steps. Nova Roma will rise from her knees and strive to walk as She never has before. It is up to you, Quirites, if She will fall or rise. It is dependent on who you choose to lead Her. Do not let these "men" corrupt so beautiful a child as our Republic.

I have served Nova Roma before, as Tribune, and as Pontifex. I served a brief tenure as Curator Aranae. I am no stranger to our Republic, and am always at your disposal.

Elect me to the Tribunate and I will see that our progress does not cease, and that we do not begin to move away from our goals as a Roman people.

You are voting for stability and you are voting for prosperity. Please do not hesitate to email me with your individual questions.

Roma Aeterna! Roma Vincit Omnia! Ave Roma Aeterna!


GNAEVS TARQVINIVS CAESAR Candidate for Tribune of the People

Caeso Fabius Quintilianus


Salvete Omnes,

I, Caeso Fabius Quintilianus stand before you, wearing the White Toga of candidacy as a candidate for Quaestor.

I live in the north of Provinicia Thule (northern Sweden), I have been a citizen in Nova Roma since 28/8 2000. I am a teacher i Social science, Geography, Religion and History for kids of 12 - 16 years. I also am a hobby historian with the speciallities in the Napoleonic era, Dark Age Britian/Arthurian myth and the Roman Republic and Empire. I also am a dedicated roleplayer and breeder of saluki hounds, my age is 50 and I have one daughter. I also work part-time with my dog boarding house, still I hope to have some time left over since I during the last year have left some positions within some of the hobby organisations.

I have twentyfive years of leadership experience as a President and Director of the Board of non-profit organizations and trade unions. I am more of a general leader and organizer than financial/economic leader. I hope my more general experience in the workings of democratic organizations and their need of strict and correct structure will be to the benefit of our Res Publica.

I freely admit that I will have to listen and learn, but I am willing to do that as I go along. I am just starting on the Cursus Honorum so I will continue to study, listen and learn.

My goals for the office of Quaestor are as follow:

1. As I am convinced that we need taxes for our micronation to develope Nova Roma, I want to help finding a tax system that is adjusted to the different currencies and social levels in Europe so the Respublica can be a whole (all continents).

2. To assisst in the incorporation of Thule into the tax system of Nova Roma.

3. To assist in the growing participation of the Comitia in the decision making of our Res Publica.

4. To learn and to serve to be able to move up the Cursus Honorum.

with these words I put myself at the disposal of the senior magistrate that will need my service and promise that I will do my best for the good of our Res Publica

Ave et salve

Christer Edling alias Caeso Fabius Quintilianus

Patricia Cassia

I, Patricia Cassia, stand before you and ask once more for your vote for Quaestor.

I have recently completed Nova Roma's application for U.S. nonprofit tax status, have managed its day-to-day accounts and have offered the Consuls proposals on better financial controls and on policies for reimbursing magistrates' expenses.

Because of anticipated pressures on my time in the coming year, I shall not stand for re-election as Curatrix Sermonem, in which position I have served only to fill in for a previous officeholder who did not complete his term in office.

The list moderator's job is a very important one for Nova Roma (all the Vigintisexviri are, despite being described as "minor" magistrates), and I encourage any Citizen of maturity, patience and diplomacy to offer himself or herself as a candidate. I shall be happy to lend my experience and support to the winner of this post (on request, of course).

Patricia Cassia

Marcus Cassius Julianus

Salvete Omnes,

I stand before you, wearing a slightly surprised expression and the White Toga of candidacy, to declare myself for the office of Consul of Nova Roma.

The decision to run has not come easily. As a cofounder of Nova Roma I have already held the Consulship once, during the founding year. I hold the position of Pontifex Maximus currently, and am a Senator. While these things prove my willingness to work on behalf of Nova Roma, they might also be seen as a detriment to those wishing to see more new faces in the political scene of our micronation.

Several friends have asked me to stand for Consul for the coming year, but outside encouragement didn't seem reason enough. Then, unexpected changes in my job situation freed up enough time to make holding such an office possible - but having the time to spend is not necessarily a reason to up take an office.

What finally caused me to run was the simple fact that Nova Roma is still in its foundational stage, and that the work of establishing Nova Roma is not yet complete. We have yet to reach many of the goals which were the reasons for establishing Nova Roma in the first place. I believe that I can help this building process for another year before the burden is taken up and carried on by others.

Nova Roma has had phenomenal success so far. From nothing but a dream a working nation has been built. Yet there is so much more that is possible!

If elected to the position of Consul, I pledge to continue building and refining the infrastructure of Nova Roma. My goals include issues such as the creation of a fair and understandable legal system which protects not only the integrity of Nova Roma but also the rights of the Citizens, refining our budget and monetary system, and starting charity and educational projects.

This is a statement of candidacy only, so I will go into specific issues in future posts. I will also do my best to present my ideas in other forums, such as live chats and debates with other candidates if that is possible.

I of course ask the Citizens of Nova Roma to allow me to work on behalf of Nova Roma as Consul. Yet I also call for other candidates to step forward for ALL positions coming up for election... and have sincere hopes that those voting this year will become involved in the process as well through public debate. May the Gods favor Nova Roma during the coming Elections!


Marcus Cassius Julianus Candidate for Consul

Lucilla Cornelia Cinna

I, Lucilla Cornelia Cinna, stand before you wearing the white stola, and announce that I wish to stand for election as Quaestor.

Although I am really fresh to NR my wish to serve the community is strong.

So far I serve as Scriba for my sister Livia Cornelia Aurelia, Propraetrix of America Austroccidentalis, working as Retaria pro tempore.

I am as well active in the Sodalitas Egressus and the Musarum.

All of last year, I have been working in the managing committee of a German association - this might recommend me for the position of a Quaestor as well.

Avete atque valete

Lucilla Cornelia Cinna

Sextus Apollonius Draco

Salvete, Quirites Respublicae Novaromanae,

Bearing a surprised expression, I arise from the mass of people gathered here at the Forum Romanum, clad in my best toga I could find, and with the most benevolent smile on my face. I, Sextus Apollonius Draco, stand here before you all today to humbly pose myself as a candidate for Aedilis Plebis.

Quirites who have become acquanted or friendly with me over my citizenship here in Nova Roma this year will surely know that I am a tad too young to serve as a Nova Roman official. Although a citizen of any age can pose his or her candidacy, if I would get elected, a 2/3 majority vote in the Senate is needed to grant me an exception to the age law. I hope for the Senate's benevolence in this matter, and will accept either decision with aequanimitas. But why should anyone vote for me? A little oversight of my activities, macro- and micronational, may be in its place.


- Latinist - Hellenist, last year of secondary school in Belgium (Europe) - Amateur-philosopher, mainly into ancient Greek philosophy, Buddhism and modern philosophy (e.g. Popper, Nietzsche, Einstein...) - Poet, mainly in English, also in Dutch - Prozaist, science fiction, fantasy and philosophical short stories - Interested in astrophysics and exobiology - I'm trilingual, and you may talk to me either in English, Dutch or French - there's also a fat chance I will understand a lot of things in German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese; not to mention Latin. I try hard to be a cosmopolitan.


- Legatus Borealis of the Provincia Gallia - Procurator of Gallia - Member of the Committee of the pending Sodalitas Musarum - Member of the Sodalitas Latinitatis - Amicus Dignitatis - List moderator of the Gallia list in French - List moderator of the Gallia list in Dutch - List moderator of the philosophy list - List moderator of the Dignitas Forum - Co-founder of the Provincia Gallia - Pending application for position of Lupercus Fabianus within the Collegium Pontificium - Two pending eGroups lists for Novaroman youths


As an Aedilis Plebis, I would have the official authority to organize all kinds of events, either requested from the Quirites, or proposed by myself. These could go from hosting various chats on equally various topics, installing games here in Nova Roma, or even trying to hold real-life gatherings in Europe, something the Americani seem to be more experienced in - it's time that we have a few European meetings, too! :-). Also, I will continue to serve as a publically engaged list moderator of my four lists, and will be happy to cooperate in any plebeian project that helps the growth of Nova Roma. As things stand now, I am a very engaged and active citizen here, and I do hope that I deserve your vote.

But the final decision is up to you, Novaromani. Do what you consider wise.

In magna amicitia, Sextus Apollonius Draco, civis Novae Romae Legatus Galliae Borealis, Procurator Galliae, Wind Dragon, ICQ# 32924725

Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus

Ex Domo Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus Quiritibus SPD

I have decided on the toga candidata this evening for the purpose of standing for the office of Censor.

I have been a Civis Novae Romae since the very first days. I have watched Nova Roma grow from a few citizens to over 500! I have worked with the founders. Though sometimes we have had our differences, we have all wanted the same thing, to realize the dream of resurrecting the Roman Religio and society. I continue to work within the Religio as a member of the College Pontificium.

I have been honored to have served as Praetor Urbanus, Consul and still as a Senator (the first citizen chosen to join with the founders in the Senate).

I have met with the founders at each Roman Days where we have had the pleasure to meet many new citizens. I have been an active citizen since the very beginning, though I do not post to the "main list" as often as I formerly did, I continue to read all emails.

What I can bring to the office is a working knowledge of the program. I have worked as an 'aid' to the Censores from very early on to today. I have the necessary programs and have been in contact with the current Censores as an advisor.

I will work to ensure that the various citizens lists are as accurate and up to date a possible. While processing applications is a priority, I will ensure that they are correct so as to avoid confusion in the future.

I am a retired US Navy Deep Sea Diver also earning my "Dolphins" on board a diesel-electric submarine (USS Wahoo SS-565). I am working on a secondary school teaching degree while raising two young children (see the Gens Equitius pages for pictures ;-) I'm a member of the Legio XX in Maryland.

Bonam Noctem et Valete, Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus

Quintus Fabius Maximus

Citizens of Rome, Salvete!

I stand on the Rosta here in our Forum in my whitened toga, surrounded by a cloud of pipeclay dust, to declare my intention to stand for the office of City Praetor.

For those who do not know me, or have only heard of my name, this year I was your Senior Consul, responsible for the day to day operations here in Rome, with my colleague M. Minucius Audens. Why would I want to continue in political office after such a year of hard work? Because citizens, I was unable to do much work on one of the most important part of our government, our legal system. As Praetor, I would represent your best interests here in Rome. Our legal system is still in its infancy, it must grow and grow up quickly to match the rest of the growth here. I wish our legal system to follow the wishes of our spiritual ancestors, though the table of 12 laws of the ancient republic was developed for an agriculture society, there are parts that can be extended into a micro national on line society.

As Consul I have already promulgated an "Internet stalking Lex." This will help protect citizens from harassment by other citizens over the Internet. The people will be voting this into law or rejecting it when the Comitia will be soon summoned. Also since our founders never intended that Rome would be an Internet micro nation forever, foundation must also be laid in our legal system for that eventuality when we acquire land, and become a real nation.

Now since I dislike reading long e-mails, myself, I will post my curriculum vitae (course of (my) life) in separate e-mail.

Valete! Quintus Fabius Maximus

Caius Flavius Diocletianus

Caius Flavius Diocletianus Quiritibus S.P.D.

Standing before you today, I offer my services as Praetor Urbanus for the upcoming year to the Senate and the People of Rome.

I serve Nova Roma as Legatus Germaniae since June 2753 AUC. As Legatus Germaniae, one maior project was the improvement of Germania´s provincial infrastructure. For this purpose the Germania Website was developed which is now one of the maior provincial websites in our Republic.

I´m am member of the Sodalitas Militarium, serving there as Retarius pro Tempore, and the Sodalitas Egressus.

In my real-life-job as a high-ranking official in a city government I collected much experiences and knowledge in public administration. If you allow, I will bring in these experiences for the benefit of our Res Publica.

All citizens interested in my person, my qualifications, political views and opinions are invited to mail me directly at, or to visit my Candidates Page at

Valete Caius Flavius Diocletianus

Gaius Imperius

Salve and Greetings fellow Quirites

I do realize that we have nearly one day of voting behind us however it is my understanding that today is also the last day to announce ones candidacy for an office. Consequently I Gaius Imperius a Queastor of Nova Roma stand in front of you in a white toga candida in a hope that you will elect me to the office of the tribune of the plebs.

I promise to perform my duties honestly, honorably and to the best of my abilities always keeping in mind the interests of the populus I am to protect.

I hope my candidacy can still be accepted and I can be added to the electoral lists.

Gaius Imperius Candidate for Tribune Quaestor

Flavius Vedius Germanicus

Salvete Omnes;

After long and careful consideration, at the urging of many of my friends and colleagues within Nova Roma, and with the support of my loving wife, I have decided to don the toga candidata and announce my intention to run for the office of Consul.

I think that all here know my record of service to our fair Republic. I was one of its founders, have served as both Consul and Censor, currently serve as Proconsul of the Mid-Atlantic Provincium, and am honored to count myself a member of both the Senate and the Collegium Augurum. I am intimately familiar with the Constitution and laws of Nova Roma, having written much of it myself after being selected for the singular honor of serving in the office of Dictator last year.

Many of you know that I have been in a state of semi-retirement since my tenure as Dictator, removing myself both from the business of the Senate and the public at-large because of myriad personal reasons. However, while I have not often expressed myself, I have been keeping an ear to the ground, so to speak, and feel that my return to public life is both warranted and necessary. My personal situation has also changed so that I now have much more time to devote to Nova Roma. I offer myself as a candidate for office because I believe Nova Roma can make use of my talents and experience, and I have always been willing to place myself at Her disposal when called upon to do so.

I stand for the office of Consul for many reasons.

I believe that too much emphasis has been placed on the Senate, and not enough upon the Comitiae. The Senate is by tradition a body which should guide, rather than govern. Too many matters have been placed before the Senate that should rightly have been placed before the People. Too many Senatus Consultae have been passed, and far too few Leges. As Consul, I would reverse that trend by proposing Leges to the various Assemblies where they are warranted, and making sure that the Citizens remain informed on the issues.

I believe that our civil law system has gone neglected for far too long. While there are movements currently afoot to rectify this, I would use the powers of the office of Consul to facilitate and expedite the process, in conjunction with those individuals whom the Citizens select to serve in the capacity of Praetor.

I believe we have been turned in upon ourselves for far too long. At the founding of our micronation, we entertained dreams of sponsoring archaeological digs, establishing grants and scholarships, and becoming a force for the furtherance of Classical studies in the world. As Consul, I will move to make those dreams reality, encouraging more interaction with the world outside Nova Roma.

I believe in a strict adherence to the traditions of Roma Antiqua. The whole point of the founding of Nova Roma was to recreate the society and institutions of the Roman Republic. If elected Consul I shall ever look to our spiritual forefathers for inspiration, so that we may come ever closer to our goal of understanding the ancient Romans by emulating them.

My apologies for being so long-winded, as is sometimes my wont, and I fear you'll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks. I thank all of you for your attention and support, and vow that together we will continue to help Nova Roma grow into the nation we all know it can and should be.


Flavius Vedius Germanicus

Titus Labienus Fortunatus

Titus Labienus Fortunatus Quiritibus S P D

I stand before you clad in the toga candida, announcing my desire to serve you as a tribunus plebis.

I have been a citizen since July 1998, and have dedicated myself to Nova Roma’s growth and health since then. I served with C Marius as one of Nova Roma’s first rogatores, and am currently serving the res publica as scriba censorialis to Censor Merullus and, to a lesser degree, as accensus consularis to Consul Audens. Additionally, I was elevated to the Senate for the service I provided to the res publica while a rogator.

Now, I ask you to allow me to step upon the first rung of the Cursus Honorum and be of further service to the people of Nova Roma. As a practicing Stoic, I will endeavor to be a conscientious, incorruptible, hard-working, and accessible magistrate.

I invite anyone who wishes to discuss my opinions and policies to contact me privately at, publicly through either this list or the NR_DignitasForum list, or by scheduling a meeting at the new plebeian chat room at .


L. Tiberius Sardonicus


I, Lucius Tiberius Sardonicus, stand before the Senate and gathered Citizens of Nova Roma in a whitened toga to announce my candidacy for the position of Quaestor.

I've spent a good portion of the past two weeks swallowing whole a major portion of the information on the Nova Roma website, as well as the archives of this mailing list. I have not been a Citizen of Nova Roma long enough to form a point of view whereby I can digest this information, but shall in due time.

Briefly, my qualifications for Quaestor are as follows:

Four years of employment as an assistant manager of a supermarket in Buffalo, NY. My duties as supervisor of the day-to-day operations of the store involved receiving shipments of product, accounting for the details of the order, and processing the necessary paperwork for billing.

12 years of service in the United States Coast Guard, six of which were in the position of Regional Systems Manager(RSM). As RSM, I was primarily responsible for keeping the information systems running and to that end was required to submit annual and individual project budgets, prepare statements of need, and procure expendables.

Two years as treasurer of a small club of approximately 50 members. Duties included keeping accurate books for the bank account as well as petty cash, collecting dues, and co-signing checks for accounts payable.

One year as Coordinator of a clinic in a local hospital. As such, I scheduled appointments, assisted with in-office procedures and submitted billing memos for services rendered to the billing office.

For the past two years, I've worked at a computer consulting firm as a Technical Administrator. In that capacity, I advise clients concerning technical issues, prepare IT budgets for various clients, and procure needed hardware, software and services on projects ranging from $500 to $150,000 in cost.

I am fully versed in various applications, including MS Word, Excel, and Access.

I welcome any questions and concerns either on this list or in reply to my individual e-mail address.

In service to Nova Roma,

L. Tiberius Sardonicus Auxiliary, Legio VI

Marcus Marcius Rex

Salvete cives Novae Romae!

Friends, citizens, Novi Romani! I stand here today before you, because I have decided to don the toga candidata. What I declare today has not come to me as an easy decision.

I have been a part of Nova Roma for one and a half years now and I have served it as propraetor Germaniae and for a short while now also as a senator in its most august body. I have seen the government of Nova Roma work from the inside and the outside. There are good parts and there are weak parts, you will all agree with me. But we cannot be satisfied with that, as we try to be the recreation of the best that ancient Rome has been.

I believe that the best Rome gave to the world, was the rule of law and the distinctive way that the people ultimately controlled the fate of the Republic, be it in the passing of leges, be it in the form of jury trials. This is what should also be reflected in our Nova Roma.

Our young res publica needs its people where they can give the best value added to our beloved res publica. After pondering long and hard, where I could best fit into the Nova Roman government, I came up with the one position, that is certainly the most demanding.

I am a civil servant in my macronation, I work with the highest political representatives of my government and they listen to my advice. I have been a diplomat and I have served as a soldier.

I have no cursus honorum in Nova Roma.

But even our laws do not require the cursus honorum, as the lex Vedia Senatoria clearly shows. What the cursus honorum could give me is an enhanced dignitas. I would be as esteemed as Censor Sulla Felix, the only one in Nova Roma who has completed the cursus honorum so far and certainly a shining example of what extraordinary people we have among us here. I would not dare to compare myself to him.

Still, I hereby declare my candidacy for the office of


I have a lot to offer to Nova Roma in this office.

First: I will do my utmost to fulfill this demanding position and I will bear all costs involved with it out of my own pocket. No taxes need to be raised because of me being Censor. Second: I will assemble a team of dedicated scriba to make the processing of citizens applications as efficient as humanly possible. Third: I am a European and I believe it would greatly help with administration to have one Censor residing there.

I urge you all, citizens of Nova Roma, to engage in Nova Roma politics and discuss with me my political views for our beloved res publica

You may write to me directly at

I also invite all Quirites to join with me in discussion of political issues on the NR_Dignitas Forum List.

May our beloved res publica grow and prosper!

Marcus Marcius Rex Propraetor Germaniae Senator

Marcus Scribonius Curio Britannicus

Salvete Cives of Nova Roma,

I, Marcus Scribonius Curio Britannicus, come before you, clad in my only toga, to ask you to consider me for the post of Rogator.

I am a little too young, and have asked the Senate for an exemption to the Lex Iunia de Magistratum Aetate.

But what do I have that I can put to good use in serving Nova Roma?

I have experience of ensuring the safety of people in corporate entertainment, and of leading such so that it goes smoothly.

I have been in Nova Roma for over a half a year, and am Scriba Propraetoris, Scriba Consularis, and Legatus Britannia Meridiana. I have fulfilled each of my current Nova Roman posts with efficiency, as can be attested by my employers. As for qualifications, I got an "A" grade in I.T. (Information Technology) Which should suffice from what I have read from the Rogator's handbook.

I pledge now, if I am elected to the post of Rogator, to fulfill it honestly and to do my best to achieve as many of the Roman Virtues as is possible.

Every year Nova Roma is at a crossroads. A crossroads that could lead Nova Roma several ways, some of them desirable to all, some wanted by none. And yet this year is particularly important: because of the influx of new citizens, there are more opinions than ever about how Nova Roma should end up. In the end, it is up to you, you, Quirites, to decide.

What do you want Nova Roma to be?

Valete, Marcus Scribonius Curio Britannicus.

Marius Cornelius Scipio

Salve Quirites!

Unless I have missed something, only one worthy frater has put on the toga candidata for Curule Aedile. In the interest of bringing up some discussion for the post, and in amicitia, I will also stand for Curule Aedile.

I am a candidate for Praetor Urbanus (wish we had a Praetor Peregrinus :-)) also - but dual magistracies are not unheard of. Also, I think we should at least get to know our candidates by establishing a dialogue with them, with the benefit of alternate points of view.

May the Gods protect us all, and may Nova Roma always be favored by Bona Fortuna!

Marius Cornelius Scipio

Marcus Minucius Audens

Salvete, Citizens of Nova Roma;

I stand before you in the robes of a Candidate for the Office of Quaestor. I also stand before you greatly relieved that a fellow Candidate has finally specified that I am not the target of his anger, frustration, and his attempt to keep me out of political activity," for a good long time."

That statement without it's precise meaning has caused me some extreme concern, because I could not imagine what steps I had taken to elicit such feelings, outside perhaps his disagreement with some of my decisions as Consul. As we all know, disagreement is certainly not, or should not be a cause for the attempted and declared hounding of another from office and from the privelage of serving his or her nation.

So as I say, I am quite relieved to be absolved of that particular view directed at my current office. I suppose that I shall get over the injury of such a declaration, but then hurting another by unthinking statements has ever been a caution upon this net, and I wonder at the forgetfulness of this gentleman.

As I say, I stand before you for your examination as to my fitness for the office that I seek. I have served you before in this requested position and I seek such again, because I believe that my abilities can be of assistance in the continuing job of building Nova Roma. I have the honor to have served in the Senate for nearly 18 months, and so have some idea of the way in which that August Body approaches thier business. I will have, with the completion of my service as Junior Consul, completed the Cursus Honorium. Although I know that particular accomplishment has neither signifigance or honor attached in the view of some, I am proud of the accomplishment, because for me it signals my willingness to do the best for the people of Nova Roma, and to me, regardless of my detractor's views, they are those whom I serve, because they are those who will or will not place me again in the Magistrate's Chair.

Previously when I served as Quaestor, I wrote the original Budget for Nova Roma, and participated with my Colleague Senator Cassia in verifying the Quarterly Financial Reports of the Micronation. I was asked to serve as Consular Advisor to both Senators Cinncinatus and Palladius when they were Consuls. During my time as Quaestor, I instituted a promise to notify, request and provide a response to any Magistate for any citizen who asked for the service and have maintained that promise through my Consulship. I am currently involved in making up the Budget for next year, again with the aid of my Colleague Senator Cassia, and will probably be involved with rewriting the Lex for reimbursement of expended funds to Magistrates, should that be necessary in the coming year, and if re-elected.

I have also been approached to assist in the development of a Civil Code of Laws for NR which during my Consulship I had encouraged. Praetor Graecus has modified the original Civil Code Proposal first introduced by Senator Magister, and which, should you find me worthy to do, I would be very interested in working with next year's Praetor Urbanii toward that goal.

During my Quaestorship, I also attempted to interest others who do not have English as a first language in involving themselves closer with Nova Roma. I had the distinct honor of having corresponded at length with the now Senator Alexander Macedonius and recommending him to the Consuls, whom I served, as a suitable Candidate for Praetor of Pannonia which was finally granted. Though I claim no part in that decision, as it was not mine to make at that time, I did make the recommendation to several senior magistrates with the final result, as you see.

I have been, since first entering the Cursus Honorium, a supporter of some sort of income for the micronation. I have been opposed in the past by some very honorable figures in our micronation, who have in many cases, one by one, come around to my view that in order for Nova Roma to meet her pledged goals to her citizens, funding must be available both for the increasing expenses that the nation faces, and for the goals that she has set forth in her constitution. I believe that most of our Magistrates have finally determined that profits from the Macellum and citizen donations will not be sufficient for this funding requirement. However, I assure you that I understand fully the problems in the following considerations:

--Transfer of monies between countries;

--Difference in available surplus funds in different parts of the world;

--Need for Provincial, as well as for Micronational Funding.

And these and other challenges that face the micronation, I wish to work with the Magistates of the next year to smooth out and streamlne.

I am not now and never have been a financial expert, although as a Naval Officer for seven years I had the honor and responsibility of managing an Annual Budget of $100,000 for the management of a Torpedo Repair, Issue, and Stowage Facility on board a Submarine Depot Ship. This facility included four weapons elevators, three torpedo shops, 23 work and stowage compartments, and 50 to 55 petty-officers and men. In additions I also had the partial responsibilities for small arms training, a shore based torpedo repair facility, selected ammunition bunkers, four stationary cranes and one mobile crane. I list these iems to indicate the extent of the budget coverage.

As a civilian Program Manager for Liaison Action Reports (LARs--Trident Submarine Change Authorizations) I was responsible for a budget of $20,000 annually for 6 years, with no personnel or equipment responsibilities, but rather as a Manager of Reports, Engineering investigations, and Responses for Authorization. My travel allowance extended from the East Coast to the West Coast, with trips averaging about 7-10 times annually. Computer Files and Hard Files including detailed and specific blueprint drawings were specifically required.

Finally, when I was a Quaestor, formerly, I also formed the Sodalitas For Roman Military Engineering and Cartography. This Sodalitas has since been modified into the Sodalitas Militarium at the request of several Magistrates including the Honorable ProConsul Marcus Julianus. I also received from the Consul during that period, the Military Honor of Tribunus Militum Laticlavius for my efforts and my involvement in Roman Period Engieering and Cartography. Two years ago, I attended the Roman Days in Maryland, narrated the activities of the Legions on the field to spectators, and formulated and presented a set of maps personnaly drawn and / or annotated in color and black and white, both on paper and papyrus stock for the benefit of the event. Also at that event I acted in my elected position as Quaestor to take part in a face to-face meeting to assist in laying out the basis of NR's application for non-profit status.

With this list of my past activities and future views and intentions, I leave my request for your support in the coming election in your very capable hands. I am open to any questions that you wish to ask, which I am free to answer as a Nova Roman Senator.

Valete, Very Respectfully; Marcus Minucius Audens Candidate For Quaestor

Fair Winds and Following Seas!!!

N. Moravius Vado

Quiritibus salutem

Well, I'm certainly in august company, standing in my toga candida beside the venerable Proconsuls M. Cassius Iulianus and Fl. Vedius Germanicus.

All three of us appear to be standing for the same things, as I too believe that our respublica needs a fair and accessible judicial system, sound budgetary procedures and financial controls, and needs to take her place as a major worldwide educational and cultural resource. So what's to choose between us?

Cassius and Germanicus have, of course, done the job before. They are patricians, who have been here since Quirinus broke the first sod (no, actually, come to think of it, that was Germanicus). Where we are all now in Nova Roma is their doing, more than anyone else's - although, as they both agree, there is much need for improvement.

I am a plebeian, a novus homo, a newcomer to the Senate, who has not followed the Cursus Honorum - but then, neither have they. However, I have served our respublica thus far as a provincial legate, consular adviser, provincial governor and flamen - and shall, the gods willing, continue to do so.

To add to that, I have 20 years' management experience in the public service, in three government departments, formulating, interpreting and implementing policy, analysing and auditing procedures, and generally making things work (whether I like them or not). This is now at your service, as much as it has been at the service of my macronation.

One other thing for now: I'm a European (yes - some Brits are Europeans too!), not a US citizen: a provincial, you might say. I can therefore bring to the Consulship a different perspective on our now global community and its needs.

I shall be happy to discuss issues and answer questions in any forum but would ask you, fellow-candidates and voters alike, to join me for this purpose at

Floreat Nova Roma! Vivat respublica nostra!

N. Moravius Vado.

M. Octavius Germanicus

Marcus Octavius Germanicus Civibus Novae Romae SPD,

I, Marcus Octavius Germanicus, presently Curule Aedile and Senator, come before you in the white toga candida and announce that I wish to stand for election as Curator Araneae.

As Curule Aedile, I have performed related functions, supporting the present Curator Araneae and acting as his scribe. Now, I ask you, the People of Nova Roma, to continue my work on the web site for another year, this time as Curator.

Valete, M. Octavius Germanicus.

--- M. Octavius Germanicus Curule Aedile, Nova Roma Microsoft delenda est!

Gneaus Moravius Piscinus

Gneaus Moravius Piscinus Quiritibus SPD:

Hodie ego, civis Novae Romae, ad rem publicam accedo. Today I, Gn. Moravius Piscinus, citizen of Nova Roma, stand in this Forum to offer myself as a candidate for the office of Tribunis Plebis.

Only six months have I shared in the community of our res publica Novae Romanae. In this short time I have been graciously accepted among the pontifici as Flamen Cerealis, serve as Retarius and Rogator of the Sodalitatis Latinitatis, and as Rogator and a founding member of the committee organizing the Sodalitatis Musarum.

Several times I have stood in this same forum to voice my opinion. I invite every Citizen to read through my posts. You are welcome to visit my web page where links are provided to some of my previous posts, and where also I have provided information on my qualifications for the office of Tribunus Plebis:

Consistently I have spoken in praise of the historical developments of the Plebeian movement as the true legacy of Rome. The virtues and ideals we of Nova Roma most seek to emulate today are found in the Republic of ancient Rome. As Tribunus Plebis I shall continue to offer a consistent and persistent voice for the interests of all Quirites, exercising the traditional tribuni potestes to secure and defend the rights of each and every citizen, and to continue developing the means of furthering our community as a whole.

Some of the issues we will face in the year ahead I have discussed before with another candidate for Tribune, Senator Labienus Fortunatus. I hope you will allow me to join with this noble Plebeian Senator, working together as Tribunician colleagues.

I welcome the views and opinions of all plebeians. You may write to me directly at

I also invite all Quirites to join with me in discussion of political issues on the NR_Dignitas Forum List.

Semper Nova Roma Llibera vivant!

Quintus Iulius Camillus Caesar

Salvete ~

I stand before the Cives of Nova Roma to announce my intention to stand for election as Vigintisexviri. I am newer citizen of Nova Roma who has an intense desire to serve and have begun to become more active in Nova Roma.

My qualifications are:

I am a project manager in a tech company, reposnsible for custome and large accounts. Have a great deal of experience in budgeting and being on a strict timeline. Prior to my current employer I served 6 years in the military. That time gave me extensive management and leadership roles in harsh conditions and situations. Since joining Nova Roma I have become a member of the SodalitasMilitarium. I look forward to increasing my participation in the sodalitas.

I am excited about this opportunity to serve Rome and her cives with dignatus and honor.

Valete Quintus Iulius Camillus Caesar


I declare myself a candidate for Rogator.

M. Mucius Scaevola Magister

Salvete Quirites!

I stand before you in the toga candida as candidate for the post of Rogator.

I stand for this post in the belief that it is essential to Nova Roma's future that the Comitia should function properly, in order that the MIXED constitution (monarchic in the magistrates, aristocratic in the Senates, democratic in the Comitia and in the veto powers of the Tribunes, which exist to force matters into the Comitia), which was characteristic of Roma Antiqua and has been adopted by Nova Roma, should be effectively defended.

I say openly to you that in the last year too many questions of major controversy or long-term policy have been dealt with by Magisterial Edict or Senatus Consultum, which should have come to the Comitia; that the provision of the Vedian Constitution which requires the Tribunes to act collegially has proved to be contrary to the mos maiorum and the needs of the Res Publica; and that senior magistrates have expressed the view that Nova Roma is "a republic and not a democracy", which is a profound distortion of the inheritance of Roma Antiqua and can only have meaning as an attempt to commit NR to a particular (rightist) stance in modern American politics.

The defence of authoritarian views by senior magistrates and some others, which deny the democratic element in the constitutions of Roma Antiqua and Nova Roma, has led some opponents of these views to adopt Athenian concepts of "pure democracy", forgetting Polybius' lesson that pure democracy turns to demagogy, and demagogy to tyranny, all too easily. But to defend the mixed constitution, we must make it work. The job of the Rogatores is important to this task.

As to my qualifications for the post, I have been a citizen of Nova Roma for a little more than two years, and have in the past held the post of Praetor. I am familiar with the general principles of spreadsheets and databases, and in particular with MS Excel, which I have available for use (though I am no more fond of Microsoft software than any other user!).


M. Mucius Scaevola Magister

Marius Cornelius Scipio

Salve, Senatus et Populusque Romanum:

I, Marius Cornelius Scipio, humbly stand before you to announce my intention to stand as candidate for Praetor of Nova Roma. I am 35 years old, a resident of and a Legate thereof of the California Provincia. I have worked for the past 10 years in the US Federal Government, with assignments on both the military and civilian sides of the house. During this time, it has been among my duties to interpret laws and regulations, to reconcile differing points of view, to act as a diplomatic liasion between our Navy and foreign ones. This experience is what prompts me to stand for the post of Praetor.

I intend to discharge the duties of this office, if I am elected, with a firm view that Iustitia is served, that factionalism and favoritism are not countenanced, and the Republican principles of Nova Roma are respected and obeyed during my tenure. As a college student, I worked as a Security Officer and had the opportunity to work with local law enforcement agencies. As a Navy civilian, I have worked with local and Federal law enforcement agencies. This experience is what I expect to use as reference if elected - but always with an eye to obey and serve the laws of Nova Roma when acting in her interest, and no others.

Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to discuss my views on subjects appertaining to Nova Roma, or simply wish to talk to me.

Vale! Marius Cornelius Scipio

Lucius Sergius Australicus Obstinatus

Salvete Quirites!

I rise this time to declare myself an aspirant for the office of Urban Praetor. Most of you will know me as a Tribune of the Plebs who has been fiercely defensive of the rights of individual citizens and of the letter and spirit of our Constitution and our Roman Republic. I have also sought to keep the citizens informed of the policies being debated in the Senate, without violating the Senate's right to keep the details of its deliberations private, as was the custom of our ancient forefathers. I have been beholden to no-one and no faction, and have never feared to tread on the toes of the mighty if my duty required it. I believe friend and foe alike will attest that I have earned my self-chosen agnomen of Obstinatus.

In the non-Internet world, I am a professional psychologist, a teacher, and an administrator. For many years I have been responsible for the creation and revision of policies, rules, and procedures in mental health facilities. I have also participated in the successful resolution of two Federal lawsuits against mental health facilities, so I know a bit about legal processes. I would like to work with Quintus Fabius Maximus in the coming year to bring a system of civil law to Nova Roma, and to strengthen our comitiae, in which our citizens make the laws and settle the disputes of our Republic.

I am also concerned to continue defending the institutions of our Republic against those who would overthrow them and put in their place the mob rule of the Athenians. Those who want to participate in an Athenian "democracy" (which any honest scholar knows was never anything we would call democratic) should found one for themselves rather than amuse themselves by trying to undermine what we have built here. Let those of us who love Rome, join together to make Nova Roma better and bigger, but always Roman!

Lucius Sergius Australicus Obstinatus Tribunus Plebis and candidate for Praetor Urbanus

Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus

Salve good people of NR,

I have doned the Whitened Toga and come to you seeking your vote for Tribunias Plebis.

As those of you who know me I am not one for long winded prose about myself. I am and always will be a soldier. I have commited myself to the art of war and bringing the sword to the enemys of my country(s) as the case may be.

As of yet NR has no enemy for me to fight, so I bring my dedication and desire to serve her to a place it may be useful. to protect her cives from injustice from within. If given this post I will do just that. Sometimes those of us who serve the collective whole lose sight of what is important, the one. Without that we would not exsist. and those individuals need protection from us (the Collective) in times of injustice or oversight. I will commit myself to that task.

I have had the honor since coming to NR to serve Senator Audens on his Consular Staff within the Military Sodalitas. He has taught me temperance and patience for a system that is sometimes slow and blind to the one. I wish to take a moment to thank him for his guidance and mentorship. (Thank you Marcus, and I am still not a politician!!!)

I hope you see me good enough to serve you, the people of NR.


Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus[ Praefectus Legionis & Tribuni Militum Legio VI General of the Northern Army of the SCA Household of Rome & Cornicularius,Sodalitas Militarium et Nova Roma

"Nos Sumus Romae milites, parati stamus ad potestatem et gloriam eius. Roma est Lux." "we are soldiers of Rome, for her might and glory we stand ready... She is the Light"

Titus Sertorius Albinus

Salve Consul and cives,

I saw this message, and thought. "ah-ha!"

I am a very new citizen of Nova Roma.

I wish to stand for election as Curule Aedile.

I have a thirst to serve Nova Roma.

After leaving school with good grades, I immediately went and asked my local corporate entertainment company (Having always wanted to help other people enjoy themselves!) for a job. I have risen through the ranks to senior marshal, and have been working for them for eight years. I don't like to get stuck down to one job.... ;-)

Bene vale, Titus Sertorius Albinus.

Secunda Cornelia Valeria


I, Secunda Cornelia Valeria, don the white stola and stand before you as a candidate for Quaestor. I have over twelve years of management experience as the director of non-profit agencies. I also am a seasoned development officer (grant writer and fund raiser). I bring experience in financial operations to our Res Publica and, most importantly, a sense of duty to the restoration of a sense of Romanitas.

Our Res Publica will embark upon a momentous year soon. I foresee tremendous growth, and development in membership, government, and the Treasury. I can assist in the organization of the Aerarium Saturni - and with tutelage and knowledge from the honorable Patricia Cassia (with whom I would wish to serve) the Senate, Consuls, and Citizens of Nova Roma will see their resources well managed and accounted for.

My goals for the office of Quaestor are articulated below:

To develop and recommend to the Senate and cives, a proposed system of Taxation that will serve the needs of Nova Roma.

To develop an accounting system that will provide for the controls each non-profit (organized under IRS code 501 (c) (3)) must operate within.

3. To seek the establishment of a comitia of Tribune Aeraii that will have responsibility for external (outside the realm of Nova Roma) fund raising for Nova Roma.

I welcome all questions regarding these goals. If chosen to serve I shall seek your counsel, prayers, support, and your dreams for what our Res Publica can be. I pledge you my honor, honesty, and expertise.

I humbly ask for your assent. In the service of Nova Roma, I am,

Secunda Cornelia Valeria

Priscilla Vedia Serena


I stand before you today to declare my candidacy for the position of Curatrix Sermonem. I view this as a quiet but critical position within Nova Roma, and one for which I am quite well suited.

I have 5 years experience (5/1995-8/2000) as list moderator for two e-mail lists, each of which has a population exceeding 300 members. Those lists average 20-50 messages per day, so heavy volume and intense discussion are things I am quite used to. At the moment, my moderator duties are limited to one announcement list and a small (14 member) hobby list, so I am also in a good position to devote nearly my full attention to the Nova Roma list as needed.

My style of moderation has always been that of 'less is more'. In that respect, I believe I would provide a continuation of the fine job done by Patricia Cassia recently. I am a firm believer in self-moderation, only stepping in as absolutely necessarily, and even then privately. While I do believe that having a Curatrix Sermonem is essential to the continued dignity of this list, I also believe that our citizens are capable of maintaining their dignitas with a minimum of intervention.

I have always prided myself, personally as well as professionally, on my communication skills. Diplomacy, candor and clarity are essential traits of one who desires to hold a position such as Curatrix Sermonem. I have professional experience with conflict resolution and group management, and those skills will serve me well should the need arise to deal with problems.

In closing, allow me to thank you in advance for considering me for this position. I would be honored to serve Nova Roma in this capacity and I genuinely believe that my skills are ideally suited to the task.


Priscilla Vedia Serena

Piperbarbus Ullerius Venator

Salvete omnes,

Piperbarbus Ullerius Venator stands before you in a borrowed white toga. (They just aren't practical back home in Thule ;-)

After much thought and consideration, and upon the prompting of several private correspondents, I wish to offer my name as a candidate to continue as a Quæstor for Nova Roma.

I have been a Cives since Quintilias 1 ANUC (July 1998). I have been a Quæstor for much of that time. I have undertaken some projects in that capacity, though this year my contributions have been somewhat limited. If elected to this position of trust and confidence once again, I shall continue to assist whatever magistrate needs such help as I can give. I am founder of and continue as Dominus Sodalis pro Coqueror et Coquus. I am working with other Cives to try and get Provincia Magna Lacus more active as a whole. I wrote and sold a basic manual on the art of brewing mead as a fund raiser for Nova Roma.

I do favor some method of charging dues for the support of our Nation.

I have an Associate in Arts degree (Business Studies), several professional diplomas, 13 years service in the National Guard and Reserve (US Military), over 25 years experience in various capacities in historical re-creation and own a small business.

I ask for your vote, and thank you for your consideration. I entertain all questions.

-- =========================================== In Amicus sub Fidelis, may the Gods see you! - Piperbarbus Ullerius Venator AFA - AA - ORV Tribalist Asatruar and traveler.

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