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"In the event that the Senate appoints a Chief Information Officer (CIO), he/she shall be subordinate to, and report directly to,the ITTF in all IT matters and CIO related duties. The ITTF shall decide the level of access that the CIO shall have and retain to the IT assets of Nova Roma. The ITTF may suspend the CIO from his/her position, revoking all his/her password access, if it considers it necessary to do so, subject to ratification of either reinstatement, continued suspension, or the complete removal from office, of the CIO by the Senate in a Formal Session, presided over by the Princeps senatus. In the absence of any CIO the ITTF shall assume any functions and tasks legally assigned to the CIO."

Senatus consultum ultimum on the Information Technology Task Force (ITTF)
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